Aggluokinesis (Aggluo as to the shortened synonym of the word 'fuse' or 'merge') Is the ability to absorb, and merge with a desired object and/or material particle, bringing upon the object as your being. (Example: Metal, Glass, Water, Stone, Diamond, etc.) This ability is useful in defense, and offense. As you would be capable to absorb and merge with a metal substance (or other dense objects), being able to punch with a metal fist. Or defend against bullets.

WARNING: This ability can be dangerous, do not attempt to merge your bodily particles with a liquid, or gaseous-like substance. Also, the attempt of this ability should be within a safe environment away from any objects that may interfere with Aggluokinetic workings. Lastly, while attempting this ability, be very cautious as to getting any material within your bloodstream, it can cause severe injury, or even death.

Tech 1:Meditate until you feel you are comfortable within your current state of mind. (I would recommend using a small object, such as a strip of metal or piece of paper) Now place your object in front of you, and focus deeply on the particles within your hands. Visualize them gradually moving apart, (Not so much that your hand falls apart, Lol) Once completed, place your hand slowly upon your object of choice. Now visualize the particles of your object slowly merging with your 'spaced' out particles, filling the gaps. (One layer at a time) This may take some time to get the hang of, but you will be sure to get it within a short period of time. You will notice results if there are pieces or small bits of your object within your hand (Or body part of choice)