Astral projection is the ability to have an out of body experience that separates the physical body and the astral body. This allows the astral body to travel in alternate realms including the so-called "astral plane". Astral projection is the ability to project your consiousnesss or "mind" into the Astral body. The person is able to project there consiousness into the Astral body or project some of there own consiousness into the Astral body which is where they are able to move around in there physical body while Astral projecting, Mental projection can be both Astral or Etheric projection, but then again its possible to Etheric and Astral project while remaining in your physical body at the same time.

1.To Astral project, you first want to relax your body as much as you can, clear your mind except for the intention of Astral projecting.

2.Once you are ready, try to Astrally reach out with your Astral arms and touch the ceiling, become your Astral body and forget your physical body. After awhile of this you might get a upwards feeling or any other feelings, not only, but you might see whiteness with your eyes closed. The bright white thing is sorta like staring at a really bright white light with your eyes closed. When you Astral project for the first time, you might have some trouble controlling your movements, but don't worry with practice and time you would be able to move around correctly while Astral projecting. In Astral projection you would be able to fly, teleport, materialize things, etc. However when you materialize things, they will not be physically seen unless there are people who are Astral projecting or have Auric sight and is able to see energy, Demons, Angels, etc. The stuff you materialize cannot be seen by normal people who don't practice this stuff, is because it exist in an Astral level not a physical level. If you want to Astral project quickly, you can try to induce a sleep paralysis, it is a state where you are between waking and sleeping. In sleep paralysis you can shift consiousness into your Astral body easier, but you might hallucinate things such as feel movements, see scary figures, hear strange or scary sounds, if you do they are just illusions of your brain

Astral projection

Astral Projection