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How to Cast the Spell[]

Say the spell aloud at night or at dusk. It does not matter if you are inside or outside. But do it naked and with a partner having sex.

The Spell[]

1.) Say "By the secret of the dark and the song of moonlight,cloak me with a (Type of bat's) wings and transform me at the dim of each day's light."

2. Imagine yourself turning into a bat, will it to happen.

3. You will transform at sunset every day and then transform back at dawn.

Effects of the Spell[]

The effects listed are the only effects you can receive from doing this spell.

Effects of the Spell
Beneficial Negative
Two sharp fangs will grow in the front of your mouth. (Your Maxillary Canines sharpen) Back,shoulder and arm pain.
Perfect Night Vision. A craving for whatever your breed of bat eats. (This can be good or bad all depending)
You transform every day at sunset and transform back every morning. Anxiety when your in a bright area.
Skin burns more easily.