Life Emits EnergyEdit

Scientists have found that all forms of life emit an energy known as biophotons.

Biophotons are within the visible and ultra-violet light spectrum.

Research conducted in the Rhine Research Center Bio-Energy Lab shows that martial artists, those who meditate, and energy healers can control their biophoton emissions and emit massive amounts of biophotonic energy, way more than the average person.

Control subjects were shown to emit eight to ten protons a second, while people meditating were shown to generate up to 40 to 60 photons per second.

Certain individuals (energy healers, martial artists, and those who meditate) have even been capable of emitting 400,000 to 800,000 photons in a matter of seconds.

This study states that biophotons may be associated with healing and other events generated through meditation.


Effect of Ultra-Violet LightEdit

Ultraviolet light has the following effects in humans:Edit

Positive Effects (UV in Moderation)Edit

  • Can improve a person's mood (produces endorphin)
  • Triggers vitamin D which strengthens our bones, muscles, and immune systems.
  • Can help with certain skin conditions (phototherapy)
  • Is great for disinfection and sterilization (kills bacteria and viruses)
  • Photoprotection for the skin (helps produce melanin which protects the skin from harmful radiation)
  • Increase in skin pigmentation (cosmetic tanning)
  • Can indirectly effect the nervous system (produces NO in blood stream)
  • Mutates the eyes lens that lets one absorb more light to see more loose photos around the subject
  • Can look at the sun more longer with out burnout effects.

Negative Effects (Over Exposure to UV)Edit

  • Ages Skin
  • Causes sunburn
  • Damages eyes only when over exposed, depending on the thickness of the lens
  • Damages Immune System
  • Can indirectly effect the nervous system (produces NO in blood stream)

Interesting Effects on Animals and InsectsEdit

  • Some animals can see into near UV light allowing them to better locate flowers, seeds, and fruit.
  • Many insects can sense UV emissions and use them as references when navigating in flight (this is why insects are attracted to light).

Effects of Ultra Violet Light on PolymersEdit

UV light can actually weaken the structure of polymers and fade their color.


The Potential of Biophoton ManipulationEdit

There are individuals who practice and manipulate biophotons and can generate hundreds of thousands of biophotons more than the average person in a matter of seconds.

These individuals can harness and generate the power of ultra-violet light which as seen above can have many positive and negative effects depending on the amount of exposure.

John Kruth, a researcher from the Rhine Research Center, has even been quoted stating that he has witnessed two individuals emit over a million biophotons.

With the ability to release and control such high levels of radiation individuals could potentially do so to heal or harm others and themselves.

The many applications of biophoton manipulation are staggering and the implications and applications of someone capable of generating and controlling massive amounts of biophotons is great.


How to Increase Your Ability to Manipulate Bio-PhotonsEdit

  • Practice Tai-Chi, Energy_Manipulation , Energy Healing, or Meditation in order to gain the ability to control bio-photon emissions and to emit more bio-photons than the average person.
  • Training in Energy_Manipulation later in the day when bio-photon emissions are at their peak levels is ideal, as the number of bio-photons emitted over the course of the day varies and humans emit more bio-photons in the afternoon than they do in the morning.
  • Exposure to UV-A-Laser Light as well as Artificial Sunlight induces an increase in bio-photonic emmissions allowing for someone to emit more bio-photons than the average person.


How to Measure Your Ability to Manipulate Bio-PhotonsEdit

  • Scientists use photo-multipliers to measure bio-photon emissions in living things.
  • People can volunteer for experiments at the Rhine Research Center where they can not only measure your ability to control bio-photons but also share and review your results with you.


Abilities Scientifically Explained by Bio-Photon ManipulationEdit

  • The ability to strengthen one's immune system, muscle, and bone through energy manipulation as well as the immune system, muscle, and bone of others.
  • The ability to manipulate someone's nervous system through energy manipulation.
  • The ability to shield oneself and others from viruses, bacteria, and harmful photonic radiation through energy manipulation.
  • The ability to heal others and themselves emotionally and biologically by manipulating their nervous system, improving their mood and strengthing their immune system, muscles, and bones through energy manipulation.
  • The ability to blind others (temporarily or permanently) via energy manipulation.
  • The ability to harm the immune systems of others, age and burn their skin, and even cause cancer through energy manipulation.
  • The ability to guide insects and animals using energy manipulation.
  • The ability to weaken and fade the color from plastics and polymers through energy manipulation.
  • The ability to sterilize or disinfect objects and people through energy manipulation.
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