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Dragon511 Dragon511 8 July 2017

Spirituality Discord Server

Hello to anyone who might be seeing this, I thought I'd drop by and mention that I've made a discord server for discussing all things related to spirituality (which includes anything you'll find on this wiki). It's new so there's not many people in it at the moment, however I haven't seen many servers about this sort of thing so if you'd like to join you can do so here:

Invite Link

If anyone knows about any other servers let me know, as I'd like to join.

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 3 May 2017

Hello Everyone

  • 1 Why I have been absent
  • 2 When I will be back
  • 3 What to Expect When I Return
  • 4 How can one contact me
  • 5 If you contacted me already, and are wondering why I posted here first
  • 6 Conclusion

Recently I have been finishing up finals at my university and currently I am moving, so I haven't been very active recently.

I will be back soon, I am still finishing up the moving process but once that is finished I have about a month or so before I start my Summer Semester.

I hope to add more articles to the wikia concerning the CIA's project StarGate, in which the CIA had many operatives training in remote viewing in order to help collect information for government organizations.

Project Stargate is now, and has been for a while now, declassified.

Not only is there i…

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Dragon511 Dragon511 23 April 2017

Anyone Still Here?

Curious to see if there is anyone here lurking in the shadows.

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 31 December 2016

Teen Oracles Merchandise Available

New Normal Collection by Honey Shark

The Teen Oracles

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 2 January 2016

Magick and Psychic Training- Available Here

I will train anyone interested in studying the laws of sympathetic magick, developing psychokinetic ability, and energy manipulation.

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 28 November 2015

Paranormal Services Available

  • 1 About
  • 2 FAQ: How Do I Ask You Questions I Might Have?
  • 3 FAQ: Why Should I Trust You To Cast Spells For Me?
  • 4 FAQ: Why Would I Want You To Cast Energy Balancing Spells?
  • 5 FAQ: Why Would I Want You To Cast Protection Spells?
  • 6 FAQ: Why Do You Cast Spells Within 24 Hours Rather Than Instantly?
  • 7 FAQ: Why Do You Use Paypal For Payment, Why Not Cast For Free?
  • 8 FAQ: What is your Email Address?

  • I am an ordained preist and experienced energy manipulator.
  • I will cast protection and energy balancing spells for five dollars each.
  • I will cast each spell within 24 hours of an order and send an alert notice when a spell has been cast.
  • Payment will be sent using paypal with the agreed amount being sent to
  • To order or ask any questions email me at j…

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 26 July 2015

Recent Psychokinetic Experiments Conducted As a Group


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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 20 June 2015

Psychokinesis Experiments 3

  • This page has experiments carried out independently by myself and a group of fellow experimenters.
  • These experiments follow the protocols and frameworks given on this page:
  • This blog was created because the blog for Psychokinesis Experiments 2 is having some technical difficulties.

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 18 June 2015

Psychokinesis Experiments 2

  • 1 About
  • 2 Experiment 1
  • 3 Experiment 2
  • 4 Experiment 3
  • 5 Experiment 4
  • 6 Experiment 5
  • 7 Experiment 6

  • This page has experiments carried out independently by myself and a group of fellow experimenters.
  • These experiments follow the protocols and frameworks given on this page:

  • Activity: Watching Mark Play Warframe
  • Number of Active Strangeness Detectors: 7
  • Number of Strangeness Detectors With High Strange Events: 2
  • Number of High Strange Events: 2
  • Strangeness Detectors that Had High Strange Events: Detector #3 and Detector #7
  • High Strange Events:

June 17 2015 23:51:36 Split: 126/74 z = 3.60624 p = 0.0003107

June 17 2015 23:57:55 Split: 68/132 z = 4.45477 p = 0.0000084

  • Distance of time between High S…

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 26 May 2015

Experimental Data From Self Conducted Psychic Experiments

  • 1 About
  • 2 Sleep
  • 3 Immersive Visualization
  • 4 Deity Yoga
  • 5 Chi Ghost
  • 6 Reading Comics
  • 7 Scrying / Crystal Gazing
  • 8 Playing Bejewled
  • 9 Watching a Dramatization of a Comic
  • 10 Psychic Slots
  • 11 Comparison to Odds of Being Shot by Lightning
  • 12 Listening to Relaxing Jazz Music and Watching Smallville
  • 13 Watching Kung Fury
  • 14 Operation Theory Buster Prt 1
  • 15 Operation Theory Buster Part 2
  • 16 Operation Theory Buster Part 3
  • 17 Watching Dark Violent Anime (Elfen Lied)
  • 18 Distance Telepathy
  • 19 Watching Game Grumps
  • 20 Shower
  • 21 Shortly After Shower
  • 22 Electric Snow Sleeping with Music
  • 23 Group Psychokinesis Watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Anime
  • 24 Listening to Psychedelic Music
  • 25 Relaxed Internet Browsing
  • 26 Uncategorized
  • 27 Watching Vampire Academy
  • 28 Distracted while Looking at Card Fight Card…
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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 29 March 2015

I Can Cast any Atlantean Magick Spell For You

  • I can cast any Atlantean Magick Spell for you through my Fiverr Gig.
  • Send me your email address and I can get you one free gig where I cast an Atlantean Magick Spell for you for free.
  • Here is a link to my Fiverr:
  • My email:
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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 26 March 2015

Need Protection From Negative Energies?

  • Now through my new fiverr service I am using Energy_Manipulation to purify and shield spaces and people of negative energy.
  • Email me at if you want to get one free negative energy space purification.
  • If you are in need of this service feel free to head over to my fiverr and order a purification or energy shield.
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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 21 March 2015

Questions and Answers Template Test

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 20 March 2015

Test of Info Boxes

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 20 March 2015

Test of Reference Section

  • Google 
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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 13 March 2015

Current Research 3/12/15

  • 1 Subjects Covered In Research
  • 2 Web Sources
  • 3 Names to Remember
  • 4 Journals to Remember

  • Mental Simulation of What One Reads
  • The Physiological and Experiential Reality of Lucid Dreaming
  • Mental Simulation of What One Sees
  • Creative Visualization's Use For Training Skills
  • The Reality of Experiental Worlds of Mental Simulations
  • Mental Simulation and Imagination
  • Mental Simulation For Prediction and Preparation
  • Deferred Imitation
  • Mental Model
  • Depth of Psychological Absorption

Washington University in St. Louis News






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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 6 March 2015

Research papers on physical manifestations of Qi

  • Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 16, No. 3, pp. 381–411, 2002
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Unbonic Unbonic 20 February 2015

please help

hi all. i'm asking for help from a certain being. it seems to be haunting my dreams, the threat being the fictional character uboa. i know, this sounds insanely crazy, but i swear it's in my dreams. it shows up constantly, night after night, where people that i know who are very kind, and some that i know aren't, turn into that... thing. i don't now what it is, but i think it's a creature that shows the true nature of the creature. it normally changes people that are always very kind to me, but some people i know who act nice but are secretly horrible end up changing into this thing.

i've been reading about the dream world being connected to the astral world, and the astral world being connected to here. if this is how i think it is, i beli…

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 25 December 2014

Message From Fox Fire: New Threats


I want to assure you I am not ignoring your email. I am very happy to have heard from you again; we need all the allies we can get in the fight against the X.

I wish I could tell you a definitive 'next step.' That is, hopefully, what we will all work out together, by pooling our knowledge and experiences. However, once I get a hold of Mr. Strange again, I plant to discuss what we have learned since I last communicated with you, and then send you a more detailed reply.

What I CAN tell you (quickly, though, since I am at work--the boring work, not the real work of fighting evil and the X) is that both the Dark and the X have been more active in the weeks leading up to the Solstice/Christmas. Without going into too much detail, Mr. Strange…

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 28 November 2014

Magnetic Vortexes and Nervous System Manipulation

Research is being done by Ben Lonetree that shows that brain waves can synchronize with and be affected by vortexes of magnetic energy.

He uses a magnetometer to measure geomagnetic anomalies while at the same time using EEG technology to monitor changes in one's brainwaves as they enter the vortex.

There are areas of the world like Sedona, Arizona where people can encounter these magnetic vortexes and report having spiritual experiences, emotional changes, strange physical sensations and sights.

Trees around these vortexes grow in warped twists and underground quartz crystals and rust can be found.

"Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors" is a US patent that clearly states that the nervous system can be manipulate…

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 15 November 2014

Intentionality Effects on Growth Rates of Yeast and Fungi


  • E. Haraldsson & T. Thorsteinsson, Psychokinetic Effects on Yeast: An Exploratory Experiment, In Re…

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 14 November 2014

Evidence of Intention Imprinting on Water to Change DNA

Water Treated With Intentions to Afffect the Gene Sites Related to Germination and Growth in Plants


Water Treated With Intentions to Affect Human DNA By Having it Either Wind or Unwind

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 13 November 2014

Current Research: 11/13/14

DNA Modulation through Intention


  • Positive emotional states aligned with focused intention allow for coherence in ECG frequency.
  • ECG is also known as Electrocardiography and is the recording of electrical activity in the heart.
  • The heart genera…

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TTOmega TTOmega 3 November 2014


Recently, I've been trying to compile a list of kinetic abilities and their techniques. I cannot fing any techniques on the web for seismokinesis, the manipulation of vibrations (this is different than Geokinesis and Sonokinesis). I was wondering if anyone had this ability or knows of it if they could post some techs or supply a link. Thank you.

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LethalPen LethalPen 15 September 2014

Celebrating my username change (or something of that nature)

Hey, everyone. I used to be ManraptorHurrr, but I realized that that name (which I selected when I was twelve years old) is terrible. So, I did what was only logical: I changed it to something else. Since I was at a loss for what it should be, I just decided to use something that worked with my status as a writer (and occasionally a sketch artist). That turned out to be LethalPen. I like it, I guess.

(Be prepared for a long-winded thing that I've been dying to write for fun. It's not really in story format, and the idea of The King in Yellow isn't my original concept; originally he was created by author Ambrose Bierce for a story as a benevolent god of shepherds, and then later adapted to the weird genre as a malevolent being signifying madne…

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 28 July 2014

My New Astral Projection Technique

  • Cast the spell "Transmogrify Aperion Demarius", it was given to me by Electric Snow from one of his book of spells which he claims are so high level that the spells can actually backfire and cause a fatality if done improperly.
  • The spell will generate an astral duplicate or Psi-Clone that with enough energy can interact with physical objects.
  • Create Energy Armor around the astral duplicate and program it with your thoughts, memories, and abilities as well as several regulators that restrict and control the energy usage of the duplicate.
  • Meditate for multiple times a day while casting the spell "SuaEX" to fuel the astral duplicate with energy pools.
  • Once your duplicate is charged it should be able to appear, visibly, in the physical world and i…
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Yu Narukaze Yu Narukaze 26 July 2014

Random Ideas

OK, since I tend to make things up on the spot, I decided to make a blog post to post some of them and get thoughts on them. If you want to respond to an idea, post the idea number and then your message. It'll make things easier.

  1. A means of psychic communication using base instincts. I mean, one of the main problems with psychic communication is the inability to communicate complex messages. Pushing base concepts to the subconscious might allow for more complex messages.

That's it for now. Peace!

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TTOmega TTOmega 17 July 2014

Threat Rising

Lately I have been in contact with beings that are much like Greycoat in appearance. Some of these entities are positive or friendly, but most are malicious and have bad intents. They have repeatedly talked (via telepathy) to me about something they call "The Vessel". They've also talked, on many occasions, about a great evil that is coming. And none of us are prepared for this threat. The evil portion of these beings seem to treat the threat as their master, while the positive portion of these beings seem to be rebeling against the evil and their master.

I'll be sure to keep you notified as more information comes to light.

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Yu Narukaze Yu Narukaze 10 July 2014

My Current Status

For those of you who don't know, I'm Bigguy, also known as ZeroFan. I recently (if you can call a few months ago "recently") finished a video game called Persona 4 Golden. This sparked my interest in other MegaTen games, and I have since become very involved with them.


Today, I realized that theoretically,  we could have Personae of our own. (On a completely unrelated note, it is really fucking hard to blog from a tablet.) For the uninitiated among those reading this, persona is Latin for "person." In the Persona series, the term takes the meaning of religious beings summoned from the Sea of Souls. Thing is, at their base, a Pers…

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 27 June 2014

The Collectors- Help Requested from Fellow Active Paranormal Crime-Fighters

From: Jet Black Crime-Fighter

I am currently investigating these astral beings known as Collectors, which are using artifacts from other worlds to conquer worlds. They can use their artifacts to limit our abilities so I will need the assistance of other paranormal crime-fighters to help project to other worlds and collect these artifacts to disempower the collectors and stop them from attacking our world.

I could use your assistance on a series of astral patrols, I am getting together several paranormal crime-fighters to help by astral patrolling together as a unit on specific dates at specific times. Together in the astral realm we should be powerful enough to fight back against the Collectors and confiscate their artifacts.

Current Squad …

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TTOmega TTOmega 23 June 2014


How can I practice/ try to learn telepathy without a partner? All techniques I've read say I need a partner. Almost none of my friends know about/ practice psychic abilities and none of my family does.  My few friends who do practice psychic/ paranormal abilities have no interest in learning telepathy.

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TTOmega TTOmega 3 June 2014


At the moment, I am currently stumped as to what ability I should learn. All of them feel right, but wrong at the same time. And every ability I've tried to learn I've picked up on quickly, but then feels like the wrong ability for me to learn. What should I do?

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LethalPen LethalPen 20 May 2014

I Volunteer Myself as A Tribute :P

I volunteer to clean up some of the spelling, grammatical, and formatting errors that I've seen around this Wiki, anyways. With the school year winding down, summer approaching, and my lack of long-term plans, I figure that I may as well do something worthwhile—so, I figure, "Why not make this Wiki a bit more presentable from a professional standpoint?"

However, informational corrections aren't my deal. I can correct some knowledge mistakes, if I recognize any, but don't expect too much.

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LostOne13 LostOne13 16 May 2014

I'm outta here.

I'm sick and tired of getting bad street cred for hanging with you peeps. I guess it would be better for me if I were to find the secrets of psionics on my own. From now on, the blog has been discontinued, I will not be showing up on chat for any reason, and I will not remain in contact with anyone who has been here. You guys are no better than psiwiki. Full of skeptics, larpers, and others who dirty the psionic arts' name. Later losers.


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TTOmega TTOmega 14 May 2014

Inability to Project

For some reason, now matter how hard I try with any type of projection, I have the inability to learn to project or project my mind or spirit in any manner, way, shape, or form.  Can anyone PLEASE help me?  I'm hoping to learn exomental projection first in order to unblock any mental blocks disrupting my ability.

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TTOmega TTOmega 7 May 2014


I would like any and all information anyone has to offer about supernatural, paranormal, or psychokinetic phenomenons anyone has heard about or expirienced in or around American Fork, Utah or anywhere near that area, please be as specific as possible and use as many details as you can. (Sorry for incorrect grammar)

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Arachnid RLSH Arachnid RLSH 6 May 2014

Racine Wisconsin RLSH

If anybody that lives in Racine Wisconsin wants to join the Good Guys which is the name of the Real life superhero team email me at Currently myself included there are only two people on the team so I encourage anybody that wants to join. The others name is Recon and my name is Arachnid. You can find me on youtube under Arachnid RLSH

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TomToms SuperSayan TomToms SuperSayan 24 April 2014

Em lessons basic to very advanced

Guys I have created a blog that teaches EM, like some of you know my experience is all in Energy Manipulation, and since the time I discover it I have train it very hard and now I'm advanced, I have done a visible energy ball once and lots of dense energy balls that can affect pyshical objects and I think I'm prepared. I just want to inform you guys of my blog, if you're interested in EM take a look and read my posts, if don't, go there at same because you may discover a cool abilitie that as a lot to say or just go there to me having more views ;)

Blog: "World of EM"

Thanks for your time.

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Nyctopath Nyctopath 23 April 2014

The truth of 'Darkness'

I really like some of the people on here, most of you are nice people just trying to make the world a better place, whether you actually do that or not, the thought is there. And in such a fucked up world, that's promising to see.

But it's ruined when I see all these other people talking about 'darkness' in some form or another, and I highly doub they have ever actually manipulated it once because they have no idea what they are talking about.

'darkness', or meta-darkness, has different forms, like atoms arranged into solids, liquids, gasses, plasma, etc. But I won't go into that now.

The most basic form of meta-darkness (I will just call it MD from now on.) is, of course, umbra.

Umbra is good for beginners, it is fairly easy to manipulate, wi…

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LostOne13 LostOne13 21 April 2014

You have my army, TO.

I have decided that the TerrorBlade Empire will not be joining your group Teen Oracles, and may actually fight against you from time to time. However, if there is a threat that is larger than the empire, then I will have my armies fight alongside you, under the condition that I will be able to feed on the corpses of the fallen foes. I found my time with you guys rather interesting, so I won't actively rally against you, but due to the fact that an emperor has to keep his face or he will be overthrown, I cannot rejoin your group. If you wish, you may add the TerrorBlade Empire and I, Zethen (alias Nightshroud) to your group of allies. That is all I have to say. Zethen out.

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LostOne13 LostOne13 29 March 2014

Nightshroud's Dirty Tricks

I've decided to make my own blog and post my techniques there. In the next couple of weeks, I will be explaining how to make one's own minions. Why would I tell you guys this now that I'm going back to full time evil? Because, an easy fight isn't always a fun one.  So here's the link to my blog if you have any questions about anything, just message me on my user page on the weird community wiki.


                                                                     Lord Nightshroud

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ImAMonkey ImAMonkey 7 January 2014

Otherkin Integration

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 18 December 2013

The Greycoat Situation - The December 18th 2013 Mission

  • 1 When did this occur? / What is this about?
  • 2 Abilities of Rayou
  • 3 What happened?
  • 4 Who is Greycoat?
  • 5 Threat level of Greycoat as of Now
  • 6 Related Pages

  • On the morning of December 18th, 2013 I used the ability of Thoughtform Generation to create Rayou to defeat Greycoat.
  • Rayou was sent to combat Greycoat and has successfully trapped Greycoat in an astral plane however Greycoat is not dead.

  • Rayou is a living mana generator and generates a surplus of mana energy, this means he produces significantly more than he needs to be a stable construct and never has to worry about running out of energy or needing to charge energy.
  • Rayou can use his control and generation of mana to completely restore dead astral worlds.
  • Rayou also can bind astral beings to astral w…

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 17 December 2013

Thank you for your support of the Wikia :)

This is amazing, December 14th we reached 1,093 views in a single day.

I just wanted to once again thank all of you who are reading and editing the wikia and helping keep our site strong.

Long live the New Normal! : )

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 1 December 2013

Thank you all for your support of the Wikia : )

  • Thank you all, today alone we have achieved 981 views so far and 225 edits.
  • I truly appreciate your continued support and hope you continue to support the wikia in the future.
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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 1 December 2013

My Familiar Spirit

  • 1 Familiar Spirit's Name
  • 2 Gender
  • 3 Elements
  • 4 Personality
  • 5 Abilities and Notable Traits
  • 6 Favorite Color
  • 7 Eye Color
  • 8 Hair Color
  • 9 Favorite Scents
  • 10 Favorite Flavor
  • 11 Favorite type of music
  • 12 How I created my Familiar
  • 13 Video about my Familiar

  • PaMGaMTaM

  • Male

  • Dominate Element:Earth
  • Secondary Element:Fire

  • Highly focused

  • Always growing stronger and more sacred.
  • Capable of Manifesting objects of clay from his clay chest.
  • Head of flames
  • Chest of Clay
  • Arms of Sacred Stone
  • Waist of Sacred Stone
  • Right leg of Sacred Stone
  • Left leg of growing tree

  • Green

  • Brown

  • Red

  • Musky smells

  • Rooty

  • Rhythmic

  • Power Glyph Charts

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Mr meta Mr meta 30 November 2013

Teen Oracles

Hi guys

Im Mr. Meta

I have a team to help people and you can join. All you have to do is gradually decrease crime in your area,build a base,recruit people,and train spiritually,mentally,and physically,

If you want to join my skype is tunjimalik and Canada's leader's is dahepicmonkey

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 24 November 2013

Astral Patrol Anyone? - 11/24/13

  • 1 Game-Plan
  • 2 Patrol Time Window
  • 3 If you are interested in joining me on the patrol
  • 4 Members currently on Patrol

  • Today I plan on going on an Astral Patrol, if anyone wishes to join me send a message on my message wall.
  • The patrol will start once at least on person messages me.
  • Anyone can join the patrol before or after it starts.
  • After the patrol we will take a half-hour break, then we will spar.

  • Check this section of the blog to see whether the patrol is open.
  • When the patrol is open you can message me and we will Astral Patrol together.
  • When the patrol is closed that means the patrol is taking a 30 minute break window.
  • When the patrol is permanently closed that means the patrol is completely over.
  • Current Patrol Time Window: CLOSED-Patrol is Over Jetb…

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Dr Time Dr Time 13 October 2013

a forum

hey, this is a forum that a good friend of mine created for people like us, check it out:

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Jetblackrlsh Jetblackrlsh 7 October 2013

Feeling Better

I am feeling better.

I am training technokinesis whenever I have the chance.

I have a lot of investigations I am working on here in Rocket City.

If anyone has any questions or wants me to create a page on a technique just message my message wall Message Wall:Jetblackrlsh, and I will get back to you ASAP.

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