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Scientific Study of How Chaos Magick Works[]

Liber Null and Psychonaut (An Introduction to Chaos Magick)[]

Part 1[]


Liber Null (intro to chaos magick) - Peter J Carroll pt1

Part 2[]


Liber Null (intro to chaos magick) - Peter J Carroll pt2

Part 3[]


Liber Null (intro to chaos magick) - Peter J Carroll pt3

What is the Internal-Landscape?[]

  • Visualization of an imaginary world that corresponds with the External Landscape through complex symbols.
  • Belief in these complex symbols is what gives them power.
  • These symbols can be those you have created yourself or can be symbols from pre-existing mythologies.
  • The Internal-Landscape is a way of interfacing with probability itself.

What is the External-Landscape?[]

  • The physical material world.

What is Gnosis?[]

  • Intense focus
  • A state in which your mind is focused on one thing and one thing only.
  • Gnosis can be achieved through deep meditation, trance, hypnosis, relaxation, sleepiness, sensory-deprevation, or intense arousal. 

How do you use the Internal-Landscape to Effect the External-Landscape?[]

  • Enter a state of gnosis in which you are focused within your Internal-Landscape.
  • By interacting with the complex symbols that relate with the External-Landscape that are within your Internal-Landscape you can effect the External-Landscape.
  • Simply visualize or create magickal symbols that relate to the External-Landscape and interact with them to effect the External-Landscape.

What is a Grimorie of the Internal-Landscape?[]

  • A record of the complex symbols within one's Internal-Landscape and the meanings of these symbols.

There is no Self[]

  • We are all made up of multiple entities with different personalities that exist within our Internal-Landscape.
  • We can use these entities as tools for our magick, they exist within us, and we are not the tools of these entities.
  • Self Exploration allows for the development of magick, this is Kaotic Innovation.
  • The symbols you believe in become apart of you.