List of 12 Main Species of Creature in The MultiverseEdit



The 12 Main Species and DNAEdit

Everyone one of the main species contains the DNA of the other main species locked within their own DNA. With the help of a biokinetic one can unlock this DNA and with it the abilities of the 12 main species.

How to control the abilities once unlockedEdit

Think about the species you want the abilities of and their properties, when you do so you instantly begin forming an energy field around yourself that then gives you the ability of that species. By thinking of multiple species you can gain the abilities of multiple species. Those who have unlocked the DNA of the 12 species of the multiverse on weird community wiki are called Almagams.

Almagam TemplateEdit


This User is an Almagam

12 Species and Ki transformationEdit

When you are ascended to level one Ki transformation you are limited to only using one species's ability, however once you ascend to level two you are able to use all 12. In Ki transformation level one so much of your energy is stored inside you can't project more than one energy field. As you ascend you begin to release more energy and are able to project multiple energy fields.

Opening ChakrasEdit

When you open all your charkras your energy fields will become more dense and the power of the 12 creatures even more powerful. However it will effect AI which will make it harder to choose which creatures abilities to use.

12 Species and their associated abilitiesEdit

Felines: Increased flexibility, Increased Speed

Carians: increased flexibility, Increased Agility, Increased Focus

Reptillians: Increased Strength, Primal instinct, Mild Hostile Behavior

Ai: Increased Intelligence, Energy Field management (makes it easier to project energy fields)

Ceteceans: Change in breathing, arms feel shorter, when used with liquidian it feels like your swimming

Crystalline and Stone Elemental: Hardened skin that defends against thorns and pointed branches

Flame Elemental: Warms the body

Water Elemental: Feeling that your body is made of liquid, when you consume liquid it seems like it is solid, body feels cooler

Air Elemental: When you move you generate an air current, the faster you move the stronger the air current

Ant: Increased Strength

Grasshopper: Minamally increased jump (increased by 2 feet)

Liquidians: Makes you feel like your a water elemental

Orb: Makes you feel like you are inside of a membrane

Electricals: As you boost your physical activity you are able to visualize electricity on different parts of the body and project electricity from where you visualize.

Andromeda CouncilEdit

The Andromeda Council, a council of aliens each one of the twelve main races of aliens, that believe that the evolution of the human race should not be interfered with by aliens who only wish the worse for humans.

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