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Metaphysics Corner Dr.Baraduc and Psychic Emanations

What is Thought-Photography?[]

  • The ability to capture a photograph of a thought focused on a photographic plate that is protected from all other forms of interference.
  • Dr.Baraduc in the 19th Century created a technique for thought-photography and replicated his experiment three-hundred times, producing hundreds of photographs of human thought.
  • These photographs vary based on the intention and imagination of those who focused on the photographic plates creating images as clear as the face of a loved one to as abstract as emotions.
  • His experiments proove that humans can through their intention project their thoughts as thought-forms that can be exerted on external objects via psychic emanations at a distance.
  • His experiments also proove the existence of an atmosphere or space where thoughts reside that is invisible to the naked eye but all around us all the time.
  • These psychic emanations or thoughtforms can help, harm, or even posess beings.
  • Using one's intent and focus a person can appeal to psychic emanations to attract them, repel them, or to absorb their energy.



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