About[edit | edit source]

  • I also call this Ki Smithing.
  • This is the ability to form armor and weapons with just your ki.

ARMOR[edit | edit source]

  • To create armor you must preform a Ki Flare .
  • This is done by focusing all your energy in your Tan-Tien.
  • Then all of a sudden burst it outward like an explosion. This should be visualized around you like a flame.
  • Then you need to start to harden it into armor everyone will have different color and style armor.
  • This can be done all over your body or just in parts.

WEAPON[edit | edit source]

  • It is possible to infuse your weapons with elemental weapons and make them more powerful.
  • Staff- Focus ki in your hands. Then put your palms together as if your praying. Then slowly pull apart your hands leaving behind about a 3/4 - 1 inch of cylinder once again color and style will differ. When done just move it with your hands.
  • Sword- Focus ki in your hands. Make a fist with your dominate hand. Place the palm of your splayed non dominate hand on top. Slowly pull them apart leaving behind a sword with the hilt in your dominate hand.
  • Gauntlets are also often overlooked,but they function as both. Simply divert a bit of your ki from your palm chakras and have it flow around your hand like a metal glove,make it hefty,spikes on the knuckles make it fiery or make it look like your hand is covered in Cracked earth like on the superhero THE THING tm or covered in spiky vines. These are more powerful then all the others as they can block and attack and they do this physically, you punch with these on and it augments your punching power, you block and it does the same. You can hit both spirits and people with these things!

ECT.[edit | edit source]

  • All this must be done with visualization and will power.
  • A person who mainly does weapons is called a ki weaponist while a armor user is called a ki armorist.
  • You use both and just be a ki smith.
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