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We are all Light Beings, spiritual beings that exist in all universes simultaneously. Light Beings when they choose to have a human experience become humans and loose their memory of being a Light Being. Once they are reminded in human form of their being a Light Being they can then once again access their Light Being abilities. Light Beings are able to create using love. Love is something that surrounds us all, to Light Beings it is more than an abstract emotion but a physical thing that surrounds us and can be felt and manipulated by them. Light Beings come from a place known as the Central Sun.

Quick Facts[]

  • What are they:

Spiritual Beings

  • What can they do:

Light Beings can manipulate and feel love. Light Beings can use love in order to create anything they desire.

  • What is love to them:

Love to a Light Being is not an abstract emotion but something that surrounds us all and can be manipulated in order to create anything.

  • Where are they from:

The Central Sun

  • Why are they here:

Light Beings can choose to have a human experience which turns them into mortals. Light Beings once they enter their mortal form loose all memory of being a Light Being.