The ability to stop the motion of objects and gain strength from the energy in them. With this ability one could stop anything from bullets to trains. There are two ways to utilize this ability. One could use it to generate shields that react automatically when one is in danger of bullets. Or one could use the ability conciously when one is partaking in physical combat. There are two parts to this ability. One part is stopping the object's motion. The second part is absorbing the energy from it for later use. This is a psychic ability so biokinesis is not necessary. Assuming you can already manipulate energy I will move straight to the first part. To begin as with any psychic ability one must meditate. After this you may begin training. There are a variety of methods to train this ability. Some options are having a friend throw objects and attempting to stop them, stopping a fan, slowing or stopping cars, and even stopping wind. To perform this ability say a moving object is moving towards you. Imagine energy forming a barrier that will stop the object. With practice you will begin to get it. It is best to begin with small things and moving up as you gain more skill. Once you have mastered this you can begin attempting the second part. Absorbing energy is very easy, especially for chi or ki energy users. Once you have mastered stopping an object of any size go back to small objects. Use the same techniques used for the first part to achieve this. Basically you just add another step to the process. The hard part is you must multitask a bit to achieve this. When you begin use the same technique you used for the first part but this time try to feel the energy contained in the object. What this energy is will depend. You will usually sense the most abundant form of energy. For example a hot object will probably mostly have heat energy. Once you begin to sense the dominant energy in an object you can begin to attempt to absorb it. To do this just imagine the energy being transferred to your body. You can achieve this in a variety of ways but the key is to visualize. Once you master absorbing small amounts of energy keep training. It is essential to find the limit of your ability during training. After that you're done.

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