Dbz energy wave

So, you finally understand psi ball creation, but now it's a repetitive, boring and useless skill. But wait, before you go forget about psi, there is HOPE. Seriously, there is. Psi is, boiled down to basics, ENERGY! So, what can energy do? There is a lot that can be done with it, but it goes well beyond the scope of this article. The foundation of using psi is programming, which is, in short, giving a psi ball intelligence. This is usually done by visualizing the command while making the psi ball. A common use is known as 'Pinging', which means programming a psi ball to travel over to someone and get they're attention. It can be used to draw attention to yourself, or it can even be used as a distraction. This is done by simply summoning the feeling of being tapped on the shoulder while creating the psi ball, then letting it go. It can travel long distances to give the message. Another thing you can do is called flaring, which enables a psi ball to become visible. Katherine Kurtz refers to this effect as 'handfire' in her Deryni Novels. In them, it's used for many things, although most commonly as a light to read by. It can be used for this as well, although electric lights work better. Of course there is the 'Hey, look at this' factor to consider.