Newt regeneration

Regeneration-The ability to quickly heal wounds.With regeneration one could heal from severe wounds almost instantly. Even if one is torn apart it is possible to reform as long as a part of you remains intact. This technique is pretty simple being you already possess the ability to heal from wounds. Biokinesis will be used for this technique. As always one must have the ability to manipulate energy for this to work. To begin this technique one must first "speak" to your subconscious mind in a sense. This can be achieved through meditation or lucid dreaming. It doesn't matter which one you use. So once you achieve reaching into your subconscious you must "convince" it to do what you want. Since the subconscious is made up of mostly instinct you must use feelings and thoughts to get through to it. Feel your subconscious mind blending with your conscious mind. Show your subconscious what you want. Imagine being shot or stabbed and healing instantly. Keep thinking "I must adapt" over and over again. Once you feel you are connected with your subconscious you can continue. Fill your body with psychic energy and meditate. After connecting with your subconscious you must continue with the same technique of imagining being injured and then healed. This time however, feel the energy in your body. Allow your subconscious to control the energy. Feel it alter your body while visualizing being injured then healed over and over again. Keep thinking "I must adapt." Do this for as long as you can every day until you begin to see results.