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Metaphysics Corner Multiverse Created in Laboratory

Sources (Additional Sources at the Bottom of the Page)[]

MIT Technology Review[]

Arxiv Research Papers published by Dr. Igor Smolyaninov[]

How it Works (Based on Research I have Read)[]

They used a metamaterial that mimics the way space-time manipulates light waves.

When they fired a laser at the metamaterial it created bands of light that behave similarly to world lines.

These world lines tell the entire history of the universe, this means that a universe at its birth has already completed its entire history.

The billions of years a universe exists is summarized in less than a second after it is born in these world lines.

It really puts a new spin on relativity.

Anyways I am getting a little sidetracked.

When these world lines form particles are created within regions of the metamaterial and populate independent spacetimes with their own dimensions of space and time.

Multiple universes can be formed in one metamaterial and connect to eachother via wormholes in what is called a "transition".

The process of a transition actually causes the creation of another universe within the metamaterial.

Scientists can actually watch these universes appear and disappear out of existence, this goes back to relativity.

The world lines show that the universes have their own vast histories, but because they are within their own spacetime relative to our own universe we can actually watch them form and die out in a matter of moments.

Really Important Quotes from Source Material[]


  • "Minkowski space-time is created together with large number of particles populating this space-time."


  • "Hyperbolic metamaterials are especially interesting in this respect since extraordinary rays in  a hyperbolic metamaterial behave as particle world lines in a three dimensional (2+1) Minkowski spacetime. When this spacetime is “curved”, metamaterial analogs of black holes and the big bang may be created."
  • "Extraordinary light rays inside these regions look similar to particle world lines in a 2+1 dimensional Minkowski spacetime. Thus, thermal fluctuations in a ferrofluid give rise to transient “Minkowski spacetimes” which are somewhat analogous to individual Minkowski universes which appear and disappear as part of the larger cosmological multiverse. This theoretical picture is supported by experimental measurements of polarization-dependent optical transmission of a cobalt based ferrofluid at 1500 nm."
  • "When a metamaterial is built and illuminated with a coherent extraordinary CW laser beam at frequency ω=ω0, the stationary pattern of light propagation inside the metamaterial represents a complete “history” of a toy (2+1) dimensional Minkowski spacetime. This “history” is written as a collection of particle world lines along the “timelike” z coordinate"
  • These regions behave as transient 2+1 dimensional Minkowski spacetimes which temporarily appear and disappear inside a larger metamaterial “multiverse”,”


  • "The wormholes that make transitions between these regions would be especially interesting. It ought to be possible to observe the birth of photons in these regions and there is even a sense in which the transition could represent the birth of a new universe.”"

My Arguement Regarding these Hyperbolic Metamaterials[]

  • Light rays in hyperbolic metamaterials behave just as particle world lines in certain dimensional space-times and the light is subjected to behave according to the laws of physics within these space-times.
  • The space-times are populated by particles which are created when the space-time is created and populates these space-times.
  • The light's behavior maps out the space-time's entire history.
  • Because they have their own laws of physics, their own history, their own arrow of time, and their own population of particles that adhere to these laws of physics within a Hyperbolic Material that mimics the behavior of these space-times they should be considered there own universes. 

How matter could form in a Multiverse like this[]

Quantum Mechanics in the Multiverse[]

  • It has been demonstrated in the lab that these model universes are actually in quantum superposition with other universes.
  • This means that each universe within the multiverse exists simultaneously in all possible states.
  • Any and every possible universe exists in this Multiverse.

Plasma Life-Forms in the Multiverse[]

  • Any every possible universe exists within this model universe, before this article mentioned how if two high-energy photons collide in the right way, they’ll annihilate into pairs of matter and antimatter particles, now there is no longer any need for the speculative "if" because we know that there is a model universe where this must have occured.
  • This means that there are universes containing plasma, and plasma can naturally self-organize into intelligent cells that can communicate via biophotons, posses flash memory, can learn, grow, consume energy, reproduce, and even use their electric skeletons to mould to chemicals to evolve and form biological cells.
  • This means that there are universes populated with these Plasma Beings that can travel between universes in the multiverse communicating with one another.

What does this Mean?[]

  • The multiverse exists.
  • Universes with laws of physics different from our own exists.
  • Man can construct multiverses in a lab in which each universe within said multiverse can behave according to different laws of physics, contain matter, have their own complete histories, and even bridge to one another via wormholes.
  • Any and every possible universe exists in this Multiverse thanks to Quantum Superposition.
  • There are even universes with Plasma Life-Forms. 

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