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With gear supplied by the UJLA, the Teen Oracles are a global teenage RLSH team that together protects their respective areas from crime.

The Teen Oracles was originally formed to become a teenage group for the UJLA, when the UJLA voted against creating a Junior UJLA the team decided to become a team separate from the UJLA. Paying homage to the first psychic RLSH (real life superhero) group called The Oracles, these young aspiring RLSH took the name "Teen Oracles".

Members who can quantum jump can use their abilities to stop Multiversal threats threatening the well being of foreign universes.

Members who can enter other dimensions and sense portals can help fight off evil spirits and demons threatening our world.

Teen Oracles is part of the Heroes Network—we are now the official global paranormal RLSH team.

If you are new to the Teen Oracles, check out Information for New Teen Oracle Members.

Junior Members[]

Members under the age of thirteen are considered Junior members. Their main duty is to assist full members with difficult tasks.

  • JashouxOblivion alias Oblivion

Oblivion's Team Role: Oblivion doesn't Back up or assist, but acts as a full member of the Teen Oracles and assigns tasks. He is paranormal Tracker, keeping watch over paranormal creatures for the Teen Oracles. He is able to track paranormal creatures all over the world and defeats those that pose a significant threat. Additionally, he is a master quantum jumper and a strong psionic.

Oblivion is also the official paraphysicist/Energy Scientist of TTO and The Order of The Light. He is the leader of P.A.C.C. and researches paranormal creatures. Oblivion is unique, as most aren't aware that he isn't a full member. He also happens to be a master psion, creates universes (such as Psi World). Thanks to his skills, he was also granted protector of many universes against dangers such as the Heartless, Daggerhearts, and Organization XIII. His doppelganger of another universe is the biggest threat to TTO.

Oblivion's Contact Info: Message Wall:JashouxOblivion

  • Spirit Seeker


Spirit Seeker's Contact Info: Message Wall:George192002


  • JetBlackRLSH / Swift (Mega Elemental Task Force) / Booster Rocket (Exomental Projection Transformation)

JetBlackRLSH's Team Role: Oracle. JetBlackRLSH watches site activity and compiles investigation information so that all information gathered in an investigation is containable in one file.

JetBlackRLSH's Contact Info: Message Wall:Jetblackrlsh

  • Bigguy/ZeroFan/Yu Narukaze alias Kid Flash / Ultrakid / Loki the Chaotic

Loki's Team Role: Support and Backup

Loki's Contact Info: Message Wall:Loki

  • Myst

Myst's Team Role: Fighting Force

Myst's Contact Info:

  • SeanA alias Nightingale

Nightingale's Team Role: Support, weapons supplier, fighter.

Nightingale's Contact Info: N/A

Thunder Fist

Thunder Fist's Team Role: Thunder Fist recruits new members to the Teen Oracles. He is also a paranormal Tracker. He keeps watch over paranormal creatures for the Teen Oracles.

Thunder Fist's Contact Info =

  • Ang alias Hell Fire

Hell Fire's Team Role: Hell Fire supervises Teen Oracles. He is the second oldest member of the team. Member of the Dragon Wings.

Hell Fire's Contact Info =

  • Paragal alias Cross

Paragal's Team Role: N/A

Paragal's Contact Info: N/A

Team Role: All-Around

  • Xuberant alias Wolf

Wolf's Team Role: Oracle

Wolf's contact info:

  • Auralightmessmore alias Aura

  • Blitz aka Red Hood

Red Hood's Team Role: Apprentice

Red Hood's Contact Info:

  • Shadowmentor alias Silver

Silver's Team Role = Support, helps support the TO in combat, houses and takes care of supernatural creatures, and is one of the most gifted members of the TO. Is possibly one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse. She is the oldest of the Teen Oracles and is over 10,000 years old. 

Silver's Contact Info =

  • Sonic alias Thrasher (Shadow's Apprentice)

Back up, assist members of the Teen Oracles with any tasks they need assistance with.

Thrasher's contact info = coming soon

  • Phoneix alias Paladin (Cross's Apprentice)

  • Max alias Blade (Shadow's Apprentice)

  • Berna alias Punisher (Wolf's Apprentice)

  • ScorpionDragon53 alias Scorpion

  • Winguy alias Laser

  • Lilwilly97 alias Slenderkid (Kid Flash's Apprentice)

  • Steel Wing

Team Role: Fighting Force

  • Nick alias Panda ( Oblivion's Apprentice )

  • Sebastian alias Hawk (Oblivion's Apprentice)

  • Aidan alias Cat (Oblivion's Apprentice)

Team Role: Support

Contact Info: Message Wall:The Wizard57

Team Role: Recruiter

Contact Info: Message_Wall:Samson_McKnight

  • Omega

Team Role: Fighting Force

Contact Info: Message Wall:LagV

Team Role: Apprentice of Shaco

Contact Info: Message Wall:BlueBerry239

  • Epsilon

Dragons role: Mentor, quantum jumper, researcher, tester, psionic.

Contact Info: Message Wall:Vegeta8370

  • Mr. Meta

Team Role: Fighting Force, Support, Squad Leader,and Ally

  • Bodadaly aka Light Bolt

Team Role: Fighting Force and Support

Contact Info:

  • GreenRam aka Green Ram ( Alucard's apprentice)

Team Role: Research and Support

Contact Info: User:GreenRam

  • Neo-Matrix

Team Role: Support and Fighting Force

Mip321 alias Whirlwind (Silver's Apprentice)

Team Role: Force Fighting and Squad Leader of the Whirlwind Unit

Contact Info:

Verdusk alius Verdusk (Whirlwind"s Apprentice)

Team Role: Force Fighting of the Whirlwind Unit

Contact Info:

other than that he should be fine

XGonex alius Gone

Team Role:Force Fighting of the Whirlwind Unit

Contact Info:

HeroOfRage alius Trickster

Team Role:Vendor for the Whirlwind unit

Contact Info:

Raven Darkside alius Shadowreap

Team Role:Supervisor and Researcher for the Whirlwind Unit

Contact info:

Rem666 alius Dark Puma

Team Role:Fighting force and Back-up for the Whirlwind unit

Wdp123 alius Beserk

Team Role: Force Fighter,Brother And Sidekick to Whirlwind of the Whirlwind Unit

Beserk's contact info:Message Wall:Wdp123

  • Saadian

Team role:Fighting force and Recruiter

Contact info:Message_Wall:Saadian

Team role:Fighting force and Researcher

Contact info: Message Wall:Whygaming5

Photophosphorylation alius Cast

Team Role:Back-up, Researcher, Vendor and Support for the Whirlwind unit

contact info:

Aris Hazard alius Biohazard

Team Role:Support and fighting force for the Whirlwind unit

Contact Info:

Major Team Roles[]

  • Support: Helps support the TO in combat and is normally paired with a Fighting Force member.

  • Recruit: Someone who helps recruit new members to the Teen Oracles.

  • Back-Up: Assists members of the Teen Oracles with any tasks they need assistance with.

  • Oracle: Watches site activity, compiles investigation information so that all information gathered in an investigation could be contained in one file. They help record adventures in the adventure log and update Psi World HQ's computer systems.

  • Apprentice:A member in training who is mentored by someone who may or may not be in the Teen Oracles. Apprentice's are usually also back up.

  • Fighting Force: A member who actively combats crime in the astral realm or physical realm regularly.

  • Researcher: Researches astral entities and helps improve the Psi World HQ.

  • Supervisor: Supervises the TO, works from a far and helps in dire situations. Monitors the condition of members to prevent disaster situations.

  • Vendor: Supplies gear for a fee to members of the Teen Oracles or provides gear for free, gear can be physical or astral construct weapons and armor.

  • Leader: Represents the team as a whole when interacting with the media or other RLSH teams.

  • Squad Leader: Helps organize and train a squad of members to prepare them for large group adventures.

Challengers and Threats[]

Fighting crime comes with many risks. Complete strangers may challenge you, create gimmicks, or sometimes become very obsessed with you. This section lists known challengers to the Teen Oracles, repeat criminals, and criminals who use abilities.

  • Black Magic (and his Cronies)

Classified as Challenger

Uses complex logic problems to attempt to embrace heroes as a gimmick. Black Magic himself isn't the strongest but he has many allies who take a less gimmicky approach and challenge heroes directly in hand-to-hand combat. He was first encountered by JetBlackRLSH.

  • The Unspoken Oracle

Classified as Criminal with Abilities

A version of Jash from another universe who wants to take over our universe. He was first encountered by Oblivion| Real Name: Ursamaja Trauncē

  • Red Stripes

Classified as a Group of Criminals with abilities A group of psychic orphans who were gathered together into a network. This group kills psychics and takes over the Earthes of other universes. They are identified by their red stripes they wear on their clothing. They have been nearly defeated by Kid Flash, take a look at the "Attack of the Kid Flashes" adventure, and finished by the Daggerhearts They were first encountered by JetBlackRLSH

  • The Deciever

Classified as a Criminal with abilities Oblivion's father, a practitioner of black magic, and strong psion along with a drug dealer, thief, and highly trained mercenary/assasin. He is posessed by a demon and is a very cruel person. He has done many unspeakable things and still is doing unspeakable things to this day. He is very persuasive and is able to talk people into doing his bidding easily. He is able to hypnotise people by looking into their eyes. He is very dangerous. He was first encountered by Oblivion

  • The Watkis Family

Classified as Criminals with abilities The Watkis family works with black magic, satanism, the occult, murder and drugs. They have done many crimes and are connected with many evils. Was first encountered by Thunder Fist

  • Onliving

Classified as Criminal with abilities The apprentice of Dark Jash. His goal is to help Dark Jash take over our universe. He has pyrokinesis and fatalisperago. He is a former leader of the Dark Siders.

  • Carnage

Classified as Mercenary with abilities Carnage is a psion for hire. Carnage like Tarek wants to destroy the Earth and recreate it in his image. Carnage feels that the world is too corrupted to be saved and must be destroyed and reborn to bring purity back to Earth. Has been known to work with Kill Streak. Was first encountered by Shadow

  • Kill Streak

Classified as Mercenary with abilities Psionic Mercenary, enjoys money and murder. He has two abilities pyrokinesis and electrokinesis and is learning many more. His main focus is to use his abilities for his own gain by selling himself as a killing machine to the highest bidder. Has been known to work with Carnage. Was first encountered by Shadow

  • Group Name Unknown name assigned by team is Group Zero

Classified as Underground Government Group A secret government group that is after Thunder Fist and his family. Though the Watkis family is a group of dangerous criminals Thunder Fist's immediate family is not so. For some reason however Thunder Fist's mother has been accused of crimes done by the Watkis family and is being hunted down by these government agents. First encountered by Thunderfist

  • Cult Master

Classified as Criminal His real name is Micah B Phillips. He brainwashes people into joining his cult. First encountered by Mr. Meta

  • Yellow Stripes

Classified as a Group of Mercenaries with abilities A subgroup of the Red Stripes. The Yellow Stripes are psychic mercenaries who wear their stripes on their pants where they are hard to see. They are currently hunting down members of the blue stripes for their communicators. The 2nd HQ could be on a list of locations for the Yellow Stripes to attack on account of us having access to the Blue Stripes database which makes HQ security a high importance. Yellow Stripes have very powerful abilities that allow them to vanish from a cell that is not protected by an energy field. The Yellow Stripes now that the Red Stripes have been almost completely defeated are slowly becoming independent and now wear new suits that don't hide their yellow stripes. First encountered by Jet Black RLSH

  • Nite Owl

Classified as Challenger Wants to rule the world, has empathetic abilities, has a vast knowledge of dimensional entities that surpasses that of anyone I have ever met other than Fox Fire of the original Oracles team. She may not seem like much but is a force to be reckoned with, I should know, I dated her. First encountered by Jet Black RLSH

  • The Pact

Classified as a Group of criminals with abilities The energy dopplegangers of many criminals within Dimension City have realised their situation and banded together in order to destroy Dimension City and free criminals from the Psi Prison. First encountered by Jet Black RLSH and the Dimension City Brawlers

  • The Ultimates

Classified as a Group of criminals with abilities Not yet encountered by anyone The Ultimates have been predicted by the holochamber's situational simulator. The Ultimates are a group of teens from another universe who are sorcerers who's main and only goal are to be the most powerful in the universe. The Ultimates are led by an alternate version of Jet Black who while being a master sorcerer was an amature psion. The Teen Oracles have taken precaution and have created a forcefield to keep out The Ultimates, hopefully preventing the destruction of Dimension City. During the Battle of The Ultimates Kid Flash arrested all The Ultimates members. First encountered by Swift

  • Bullet (deceased)

Classified as a Criminal with Abilities A yellow stripe who was shot with a bullet made up of Jet's energy, Bullet can tap into Jet's mind has an astral signature that is exactly like Jet's. This astral signature allows Bullet to impersonate Jet perfectly and even trick Jet himself into believing Bullet is his clone. Kid Flash tracked down and killed Bullet the night he escaped Psi Prison. First encountered by Jet Black

  • The Ministry of Darkness

Classified as a Group of Psychics, The Ministry was recently created by Carnage to help him complete his mission. these members are experianced in psychics and will stop at nothing to complete Carnages plan First encountered by Shadow

  • Pact Leader

Classified as a Criminal with Abilities Pact Leader has been predicted by the holochamber to become a future leader of The Pact, he has astral abilities far beyond that of anyone else in the multiverse and knows everything about the Teen Oracles. First encountered by Jet Black

  • The League of Assassins

Classified as a Group of Criminals An exteremist group that attempts to destroy major cities, they are hunting everyone associated to Batman including the Teen Oracles. First encountered by Jet Black

  • Solrak

Classified as Criminal with abilities A dimensionsl entity that can manifest into a human being, he occasionally has to form himself into a new body. He is well trained in all psionic abilites. His goal is to rule all dimensions. His only weakness is the sword of elements which is wielded by Oblivion. First encountered by oblivion

  • Red Lantern Corp

Classified as Group of criminals with abilities A lanterns corp who's rings are fueled by hate, they are the sworn enemies of the Guardians of Oa. First encountered by The Green Lantern Corp

  • Sinestro Corp

Classified as Group of Challengers with abilities A lanterns corp who's rings are fueled by fear, they are lead by Sinestro. They are able to recharge their rings by fighting Green lanterns, so they will go out of their way to challenge you if you are a green lantern in order to charge their rings.

  • Brainiac (of JLM 2)

Classified as a Criminal with abilities Brainiac is attacking and capturing metahumans from JLM 2. Especially those who are using nanites, any members of the Teen oracles who is using nanites should avoid going to JLM 2 unless they desire to be captured on board a Brainiac ship.

  • The Illuminati

Classified as a group of criminals They are a group who is planning to form a new world order by using the power of the Rod of Maya. They are working with a supposedly dangerous and powerful psychic in order to collect the Rod. The Illuminati is a world wide group and have a collection of information on everyone on Earth, they monitor everyone, and can kill anyone they desire.

Ursamaja's gang the biggest, toughest, heartless, cold blooded, destroyers, they have killed off the last of the Red Stripes, psions like us led by Ursamaja Trauncē, A.K.A. Dark Jash or Dark Oblivion, able to Astral Project and create physical beings of themselves in seperate worlds working in ways we do not know on Earth it is unconfirmed but highly likley, that they are the infamous group The Illuminati, as they are known to collect data, perform terroristic attacks through psychic manipulation, suicide, or whatever they can to destroy their target, they are good at what they do as they have tamed monsters to attack humans or capture innocents and brainwash or turn into monsters or mutate them they have succesfully destroyed and conquered countless universes, worlds, dimmensions, as Ursamaja commands them to attack this world getting rid of them may be the hardest mission yet as they all can see into the future, distant and near, whenever they want

  • Tarek / Psionic Criminal

Tarek uses his ability to cause Earthquakes in order to destroy the world, for reasons unknown. He was thought to be have been killed by Shadowmentor when he tried to steal a special mayan rod from a temple. Shadowmentor now possesses the rod, however Tarek was sighted active on the site earlier this year and is believed to still be alive.

  • Ahriman/ Astral Entity of Darkness

Ahriman has the ability to create constructs out of darkness as well as manipulate darkness itself. Ahriman also with the power of a dark crystal can create mountain sized demons at an alarming rate. As of recently the dark crystal has been destroyed and Ahriman is now unable to create Xrafstars at rapid speeds. The destruction of Ahriman's crystal has allowed Ahura Mazda the ability to keep a closer eye on Ahriman to prevent him from causing much trouble on the physical plane.

  • Black Smoke

Pure uncontrollable evil, a smoke that can form itself into any beast, bigger than the size of ten Xrafstars combined. Black Smoke is trapped in a sealed dimension for the most part. One small cloud of Black Smoke is unable to pass through the sealed dimension and must be kept in an energy orb in Psi Prison where it can't take control of anyone. Which leads to another important point, Black Smoke has the ability to take control of the physical form of most beings who aren't protected by an Energy Shell.

  • The Codes (Criminal Group)

Gang has no morality or loyalty. Although this gang is mostly behind bars it is nether the less a dangerous one willing to kill one of their own just to finish the job(HQ destruction). There is not much known about this gang as they mostly reside in the BetaZ3112 universe. They are very aggresive and manipulate people to do things for them thus it is not easy to pin point exactly what their abilities are. I would mark this gang as an amber warning. first encountered and subdued by Hollow AKA Whygaming5, 2014

  •  E.A.E for Enslavement of Astral Entities

I  having a wonder around some random worlds within the astral. Suddenly I was forced out and all my consciousness was returned to my body. I returned there as quickly as I could. After sneaking around for a while I came across a camp, a few tents, a forge (it was medieval based by the looks). A few people walking in and out of a cave. Making my way into the cave I found this groups plans written on parchment. I decided to name them the E.A.E for Enslavement of Astral Entities. They also have a very powerful weapon, this can be used to force things out of the astral, into one of the universes, depending how it was set up. I request this enemy be added. First encountered by Andrew AKA Saadian 2014 with the aid of Death.

Allies to the Teen Oracles[]

This section will include teams and indviduals who are not members of the Teen Oracles but are allies who assist the Teen Oracles fight the good fight against evil.

  • MagosGildium (in the Whirlwind unit)

Magos,like cecil isnt a full member yet but later on he will be

Contact info:

  • RavenWalker

A very powerful psychic who is able to ki transform, Ki strike, Sense Ki, and levitate. She can fly to about the height of a three story building, and as fast as a jet. Raven is very powerful but she wishes not to join our team, she works strictly alone but she says that if there is ever a global threat that she will assist us in battle.

  • Blue Stripes

A group of psychic orphans who were gathered together into a network. This group invesitgates crimes done by criminals across the multiverse. They are enemies with their counterpart organization the Red Stripes. They can be identified by the blue stripes they wear on their clothing.

  • UJLA

A shadow vigilante group located in Cleveland, Ohio. The UJLA supplies the Teen Oracles with gadgets and suits.

  • Shadowmentor and her Family

An extremely powerful demon who has an infinite amount of powers now. She has a vast, broad range of about everything and she is also extremely wise. Shadowmentor says that of there is ever a global threat, her family of demons are here to assist us while she stays on the team as a permanent, veteran member.

  • The Children of The Night

A group of heroes led by Oblivion who specialise in Hiding Climbing Jumping Fighting and Being out in The Dark they fight crime along with surveying and observing places occasionaly on the Teen Oracles

  • Dragon Wings: A group of humanoid dragons that helps protect the universe from evil.

  • P.A.C.C.

P.A.C.C. (Paranormal Animal Creature Control) also led by Oblivion takes care of Paranormal Animals and Creatures to join go to Paranormal Animal Creature Control Wiki

  • Dimension City Brawlers

Citizens of Dimension city who help to make their streets a safer place by using their abilities and gadgets provided by the Teen Oracles. They each have special badges that allow them to enter the Teen Oracles HQ, however the badges do not allow them to enter the Psi Prison but do allow them to drop off criminals there..

  • The Supernaturals

A group of paranormal crime fighters who band together to protect to Earth similar to the Teen Oracles.

  • Micheal

An angel that protects a family of psychics in England who agreed to help the Teen Oracles in times of need.

  • JLM

The Justice League of the multiverse, in another universe the justice league actually exist. We are allowed to use their HQ simulator but we are allowed no where else in the Hall of Justice. The JLM are too busy defending the rest of the Universe to help us, they told us never to challenge them because it prevents them from working and to ask the Teen Titans for help, not them.

  • Teen Titans

Like the Justice League the Teen Titans also exist in another universe, we can communicate with them via the HQ computer or by special astral communicators that allow us to contact with them. They have been told by the JLM to help assist us if the universe is in peril.

  • Batman incorporated

The Universe where the JLM exist is behind the JLA of current comics, in this universe Batman incorporated did not exist until Jet proposed it to Batman and helped him form it on his planet. Batman has made the Teen Oracles apart of Batman Incorporated, the HQ computer now can access all unrestricted Batcomputer files as well as request assistance from members of Batman Incorporated.

  • The Green Lantern Corp

The Green Lantern Corp of the JLM universe are allies with the Teen Oracles and assign missions to them via the green lantern lantern located in Psi World.

  • Atlantis (JLM Universe)

Aquaman and the Atlantean warriors of Atlantis are allies to the Teen Oracles and are glad to fight side by side with us in battle.

  • Village Hidden in the Leaves Shinobi

Ultrakid has decided to make an alliance with them, and they accepted. They are from the Naruto universe, and shall be discussed later once we know more about them. Naruto has recently taken the Green Lantern oath and has obtained a power ring with the help of Ultrakid. Ultrakid has also given him some nanites so he is able to use them.

  • Spatations

They are the Elemental Spirits of Spatatia we share a common Goal, defeat Sorlack

  • Kingdom Hearts Protaganists

Oblivion frequently travels to a universe where Kingdom Hearts is a reality.

  • The Rebels

After Ultrakid helped defeat the Empire, the Rebels of the Starwars Universe have allied with the Teen Oracles.

  • Ben Tennyson

Jet has enlisted ten year old Ben Tennyson as an ally.

  • Power Rangers

Cross and his apprentice have enlisted the power rangers as allies and has gotten the Teen Oracles all morphers.

  • The Plumbers

After Jet Black and Ultrakid stopped a DNAlien invasion the plumbers have become allies to the Teen Oracles, they are contactable via the omnitrixes in Psi World or the plumbers badges Ultrakid and Jet have.

  • Star Gazer

An Energy B servitor created by Jet that helps protect mankind from dimensional entities that threaten it.

  • Peter Parker aka Spider-Man

Spider-Man proffesional Superhero recruited by Oblivion

  • Lightseeker

The official green lantern of our universe after the previous Green Lantern Zuron died.

  • The Order of Heroes aka TOOH

Led by User:Mr meta

  • The Avengers

Recruited by Oblivion

  • The Galactic Federation / Andromedan Council

We work with them to help keep ETs that wish us harm off the Earth.

  • Rat Glow Team

  • The Walkers of Light

A group similar to the Teen Oracles and are always there to help

  •  Lunara 

a group that is in the making that is lead by VeilOfReality (not a member but part of the whirlwind unit) their members wear orange crescent moons on either their hands or their forehead.

The Special Chat[]

There is a chat for The Teen Oracles on the psionic internet I (bigguy132l) created. In order to access it, you must have a client. The client HAS to be something you can actually do; otherwise, it won't work. Once you have created your client, you must direct it to an address I or Jet will tell you on the chat if you PM one of us.

How to Team up with Members Who are not in your Area[]

You can project Astral Energy Clones to assist fellow Teen Oracle members who are in different areas from you. If anyone needs backup you can simply create an Astral Energy Clone and command it to find and assist your fellow Teen Oracle member. Because Astral Energy Clones have a mind of their own they can assist your fellow Teen Oracle members without much effort on your own part. Making assisting your fellow teammates easy, fast and simple.

Teen Oracles HQ[]

Kid Flash has developed a virtual world inside of the WWPI that can be used as a team meeting place. To access it go to the URL of the virtual world on the WWPI (contact Kid Flash to retrieve the URL). Then visualize a helmet that plugs into your mind

WARNING: This is stronger than the visor, do not do this while RLSHing. While visualizing the helmet your senses are cut off in order to enter the virtual world and you will be in danger if you do this while RLSHing.

Now that you are visualizing the helmet the virtual world will become fully immersive and you will be able to meet up with your fellow Teen Oracle teammates.

DISCLAIMER: While you are in the HQ, you might feel compressed. That is because the ENTIRE HQ is contained in a single psi ball. Do not be frightened; once you return to your regular body, the compressed feeling will go away.

You can also send an astral energy clone into the WWPI and have a clone stationed in the HQ at all times.

NEW MUST READ: A portal has recently been added to the HQ which would allow for people to enter the Teen Oracles HQ by using AP. You can now AP into the dimensional portal inside of the virtual world. Allowing for you to enter the without having to worry about connecting to the WWPI.

Portals now bridge both HQ's allowing easy travel from one to the other.


  • Training Room, where you train against constructs
  • Main Room, which has computers with a connection to the regular internet, monitors, and a loudspeaker system, which Kid Flash can speak through


Like a home away from home Psiworld is a dimension created by Oblivion. It contains many luxuries as well as many dimensional entities. PsiWorld is used as a second HQ for those unable to use the WWPI or those who would like to have a little fun inbetween patrols. Psi World can be accessed by astral projecting with the intent of entering Psi World.

Portals now bridge both HQ's allowing easy travel from one to the other.

Features of PSI World

  • Pegasi stables

  • Moon

A moon in the dimension has with on it chimeras. They are on the moon in order to keep them away from the HQ they are creatures that are on not supposed to be in the dimension that are very dangerous.

  • Access to WWPI

  • Dragon Cave

A cave within the HQ contains dragons.

  • Training Room

  • HQ building

Has 2 construct created by Kid Flash inside that randomly generate astral weapons and armor, respectively.

  • Psi Room Library

  • Werewolf training room

  • Hot Springs

  • Water Bed Bedrooms

Every room has a water bed, a flat screen tv, a ps3, and a baku. There are currently twelve of these bedrooms.

  • Videogames

  • Movie Thater

  • Hippocamp in Rivers

  • Gryphons

  • Mexican Food Bar

  • Chinese Food Bar

  • Super Computer featuring Allies Enemies Members and Locations

  • Bakus

  • Beach

  • Ocean

  • Shooting Range

  • Augmented Reality Training Room

  • Elemental Control Room

  • Zoo

  • JetBlack Island (holds superhero training room (islands only accesible by Hippocamp, Pegasus, or Gryphon))

  • Jashoux Island (Holds Elemental Use Training Room and Pegasus, Hippocamp, and Gryphon Riding Lessons)

  • Bigguy Island (Holds a Kid Flash Clone Base)

  • Fauns/Saytrs

  • Centaurs

  • Oblivion Island (Holds Some Creatures)


  • MANTICORE ARCHIPELAGO (Holds dangerous crossbreeds of Gorgons and Gryphons)
  • PTU Power Generator
  • Portal to Dimension City
  • Portal to HQ
  • 12 Kid Flash Butler Clones (They wear green suits)

  • Holographic Room Chamber:

Chambers can duplicate themselves based on how many people want to enter. Members can enter the chamber simply by thinking nearby it. The chamber is programmed with a futuristic game room and Atlantean Research room. A special antenna on the holochamber allows the team to see simulated future threats before they occur telepathically, without having to enter the holographic room chamber. This however is not a telepathic phone line for communication. The holochamber now can simulate data from the HQ supercomputer allowing it to be viewed in the holochamber.

  • Green lantern lantern

Allows for astral power ring generation and contact with the planet Oa of the JLM universe.

  • Antedote chamber

Contains the antedote to the League of Assassins blade poison.

  • Nanite Chamber

Contains nanites from universe JLM 2, by using the astral ring you can customize the nanites in order to augment your abilities.

  • Self Duplicating Omnitrixes

Psi World meet up days[]

Suit Designs[]

Jet using paint and the Marvel Superhero Creator made these suit designs for members of the Teen Oracles. Each design is a design for a different member. The only non-member in the slideshow is Ghost who has not yet joined the Teen Oracles.

Can't afford Gadgets ?[]

If you find any astral weapons in other dimensions or in the 2nd HQ you can use them as ki weapons outside of the astral plane. So if you find any weapons while astral projecting make sure to collect and use them as ki weapons. The ki weapons will take energy to use and more effort to use than physical weapons. Training with weapons you collect from the astral plane is important for you to do in order to make your weapons stronger. To properly use an astral weapon you don't target someone's exterior, you attack their inner energy. The place that does the most damage to an enemy when you are using a ki weapon is the dan tien which is located behind the naval. Ki armor and Ki weapons are also available from Kid Flash Service clones located around the two HQ's.

Psi Prison[]

A dimension that you are able to enter by astral projecting, visualizing the words "Psi Prison" in purple letters, and flying through. Psi Prison is a dimension where Teen Oracles can imprison astral criminals or dimensional beings. The dimension is filled with jail cells, members can place the criminals inside the cells and a psi clone of Jet constantly present in the Psi Prison will lock them inside. Kid Flash has a clone that brings criminals to the Psi Prison, so if you don't want to go to the prison just bring it to the Kid Flash clone that takes them to the prison. The prison is equipped with energy fields that prevent the criminals from using their AP abilities to escape the cells. The psi prison has a monitor connected to the super computer in psi world that lists the criminals and challengers.

Kid Flash's Weapon Racks[]

Kid Flash clones located in both HQs will provide astral weapons and armor. The weapons and armor will be free and available to all members. The weapons and armor are also charged with elemental abilities (stone armor, flaming swords, etc.).

How to detain Criminals[]

If it is an astral criminal or dimensional entity you can lock them into the Psi Prison. If the criminal is physical knock them out or restrain them with a net, rope, or handcuffs, then call the police. The police can then handle the knocked out or detained criminal themselves.

Kid Flash Service Clones[]

Kid Flash clones do many jobs around the different Teen Oracle worlds, you know that they are a clone by their color. Kid Flash and his regular clones has a blue suit, his service clones have red suits.

Oblivions memory trick[]

What I am telling you is for safety purposes only: When someone saw something they shouldn't like you using kinetics erase theyre memories by placing your thumb on their forehead think of what they saw then think of Something else

Blue Stripes[]

The Teen Oracles now have access to information from the Blue Stripes database. Members can now goto the Blue stripes HQ, if you go to the leader of the Blue Stripes he will give you a mission.

Element Infusion[]

Kid Flash has developed a construct that allows those who don't have abilities and those who do to have their astral clone be infused with an element. When you reabsorb the astral clone you will develop abilities related to that element. Currently available elements are water and air. The construct can detect whether or not you can offer the construct a new element. If you can offer an element the construct can take a sample of the element from you allowing it to be infused with others broadening the selection.

PTU and PTU Power Generators[]

PTU's are clones that use the PTU power generators to create clones that can give their abilities to others. PTU stands for Power Transfer Unit Clones can connect to the PTU power generator and are able to create clones themselves by using the mana collected by the generators. This mana will allow the clones to generate clones that can infuse with members of the Teen Oracles giving members of the Teen Oracles the abilities of other members via a clone connected to the generator's clone. So a member without abilities who can astral project can enter the HQ and have a clone of another member create a clone using the generator that can fuse with them and give them the abilities of the member who's PTU's clone that is.


  • Jet Black RLSH PTU is now available

  • Kid Flash PTU is now available

  • Oblivion PTU is now available


  • Someone creates a clone
  • That clone uses the PTU power generator in order to create a second clone
  • The second clone enters the body of a member of the Teen Oracles and infuses with their energy.
  • The person who is infused with the clone now recieves that clone's abilities.

The Vault[]

  • About

Jet figured out that the PTU machine will allow us to change the attributes of our clones and allow us to make custom clones, clones that aren't even identical to us Jet has created a new dimension called The Vault to hold these kinds of clones, the PTU machine right now is creating clones with random attributes and randomly generated names and sending them to this dimension. It is logging all this information in our Psi World Super Computer. Now we will be able to create sigils based from these clones names and summon them on command like demons. Now we can summon any number of these clones on command, using custom made sigils. All PTU clones made for the Vault are programmed to respond when summoned via a sigil made of their name.

In order to find some of these special clone names check the Psi World Super Computer.

Jet calls these special clones AD's or Artificial Demons.

Adventure Log[]

This section is devoted to logging the best adventures of the Teen Oracles, not any adventure is put on this page, only the greatest adventures including first encounters with criminals, epic battles, etc.

  • The Evil TO Strikes

A psion has been seeing the Evil TO without even knowing about it, Nightshroud,Bismus and Whirlwind sent heartless to investigate,but were attacked,1 was caught as prisoner and interigated,finding ot that it was other zethen,the heartless almost followed his orders,but original zethen self destructed them and sent replaicmants Whirlwind,bismus and zethen 1 interigated the other zethen,and afterwards commited suiside,as we gathered they r planning on killing saadian and using his house as a base,though they r able to go there physically.

-Saadian's notes. Those who have visited the Psi Wiki will surely know of Stormmer. I was attacked by every member of this group, their leader having similar energy to the aforementioned person. I was, however, able to defend my self from this powerful adversary with a very rudimentary shield. I am unsure how I was able to do this, however I believe that a part of me named Death was able to lend me power in my need. We are still unsure how we can share our energy and are soon to practice over the weekend.

The Alternate TO,The Solemn,and Vengence

a solemn (possibly dead) going with the username TheHex using magical slipsteams to get on the weird wiki threatening us to disband. later on she/he went on the weird wiki chat talking to the members telling us her/his kin,and why she/he threatened us,to stop us from killing her kin. Whirlwind,Nightshroud,and the timelord with the username Bismus went on the weird wikia chat to solve the problem,and Nightshroud sent one of his heartless to get a scent to track the killers,but almost died from void energy,along with seeing static,and Bismus starts to hear laughter. Nightshroud remembers a dream he had where a alternate version of himself was battling slenderman,and also Bis said that he remembered that an alternate Nightshroud told him that he was a timelord. Nightshroud went and contacted one of his alternate selfs that could manipulate void energy,and as soon as he was on the line he told us everything,alternate TO and slenderman were battling the other Nightshroud and the solemn got caught in the crossfire. after some random questioning from Whirlwind,other Nightshroud told us that evil Whirlwind was a master of umbrakinesis and wants to enslave humanity,and his weapon name was forgoten cause Whirlwind doesnt have a good memory. they wernt able to get anymore info cause other Nightshroud had to fight slenderman. 10 seconds after he got off the line, a astral vampire started attacking Nightshroud's mind,Nightshroud didnt know he was a vampire at the time so he ate it. i little while afterwards he was sickened cause he commited cannablism. then something possesed Bis and Nightshroud,but Nightshroud broke free,after wards the posesser said he was called Vengence and afterwards Nightsroud tried to insult his mom although not having one. getting annoyed he left bis and afterwards from what bis could gather,something big was coming.

  • Unspoken Oracle and Orginization XIII

Ursamaja has passed himself off as a member of Organization XIII in Kingdom Hearts Universe, taking on the nobody name Umarsajax in secret, whether or not he is a nobody Oblivions real nobody that he had since he sacraficed himself and came back and then, his Nobody number XV and Umarsajax is number XVI he has dueled Xemnas and is now leader hopefully Roxas can help, meanwhile Oblivion and Sora are fighting in Castle Oblivion

  • The Unspoken Oracle

Oblivion is now aware of what he's getting himself into when he sneaks into the HQ of the Daggerhearts, what he didn't expect was to find Ursamaja himself, standing before him in a black robe and hood he speaks in a slow calm tone as he speaks "All the Teen Oracles better not stand in the way of my plan" a fire grows in his hand it is unbelievable someone so evil could be another Oblivion, "They call me now The Unspoken Oracle because of my fortunes that I keep to myself" Oblivion runs as he sets fire around the room Oblivion summons his Keyblade and TSOES now realising there is no way out he charges right for Oracle and Oracle steps out of the way and Oblivion runs into the fire turns out Oracle put a border on the outside of the fire so Oblivion couldn't leave so now he threw the Keyblade at him knowing he'd dodge right Oblivion swiped him and then he dodged the swipe so Oblivion hit him with the hilt Oracle roundouse kicked him in the chest he was gonna jab when Oblivion grabbed his fist twisted and pushed back the 23 yr old man now Oracle absorbed fire shot at Oblivion who dodged them and the border slowly was destroyed and Oblivion escaped

  • The Daggerhearts and Onliving

As Oblivion walks through the puddles in the gloomy Universe Ursamaja is from he senses a dark precence he quickly summons TSOTE (The Sword of the Elements) and Oblivion turns to find he is being followed he half expected to see Sorlak, suprisingly it turned out to be Onliving, he says to Oblivion, "Well if it isn't Josh..." Oblivion gripped TSOTE but faster then he knew it he was surrounded by brutes they pushed him he threw a punch and then struck Onliving in the face he went to throw another punch but Onliving shot him back with telekinesis, Oblivion stood up and goes fire form, something he learned in training with The Guardians of Vallsalka, he runs through the Daggerhearts to strike a suprised Onliving who now has a scar on his left cheek, he goes to throw another punch but Onliving goes to Grab Oblivions arm and shocks him with Quintekinesis as Oblivion falls to his knees over came the Daggerhearts but little known Oblivion had just taken a charge and created a shockwave sending his enemies flying Oblivion had enough time to hide and stalk them back to their HQ as they went to sleep the guard was manipulated with a simple mind trick and stole the key and went inside he hacked into the main computer and Oblivion found out they are heading to the DCU next...

  • The Battle between the Red, Blue, and Yellow Stripes

Kid Flash and Jet Black RLSH help assist the Blue Stripes in defeating the Yellow and Red Stripes. Part of the Blue stripes base is destroyed and Kid Flash assists in its repair, Jet Black helps destroy the Red Stripes main base communication systems and destroys the base by setting off a bomb in the Red Stripes base. Before the explosion Kid Flash wiped the Yellow Stripes computer systems and got away, a clone of Jet Black RLSH was caught in the explosion and it might take days for it to reassemble. The battle is over but their are more bases out their that can be destroyed. Hellfire was also there but because of the battle's large size JetBlack nor Bigguy encountered Hellfire. Hellfire planted bombs around the Red Stripes HQ which could have been the reason that the explosion was so massive.

  • Stopping a Tornado

Kid Flash had an issue near his house with a tornado. He pulled the entirety of his clones (112) into stopping the tornado and was successful. Thanks to Kid Flash's clones they were able to stop the tornado from entering the city saving the lives and homes of the people who live there.

  • Dimension City Brawl 1

On the night Jet Black created and populated Dimension City many of the criminal's dopplegangers began to realize where they were and what was going on and banded together to attempt to defeat Jet Black and take over Dimension City. Jet Black was overpowered by the psionic criminal team and when it seemed like Jet was going to be defeated a team of citizens banded together to fight the criminal group. Jet working alongside this team of concerned citizens were able to protect the Teen Oracles HQ and arrest two psionic criminals. However the criminal team that was planning to take over Dimension City escaped, luckily the citizens who helped Jet Black are on the case and have become the Dimension City Brawlers.

  • Dimension City Brawl 2

Psi World's forcefield was breached and was attacked by The Pact. After the attack Kid Flash realized he needed to create clones for the purpose of cleaning up the HQ and realized that he could make many clones at one time and then give them jobs individually later. This spawned the creation of the green Kid Flash butler clones. Jet in order to prevent another attack on the HQ updated the forcefields of the HQ and the Psi prison.

Kid Flash created a large number of clones and began constructing a base to hold them when the base was attacked by the Pact. The Brawlers and two of Jet Black's clones arrived on the scene and helped hold back the Pact while the Kid Flash clones built the base. The base was then protected by a forcefield (an updated forcefield) by Jet's clones that are only accesible via special badges worn by the Brawlers and the clones.

On this day twenty-nine arrests were made but because the forcefield wasn't updated twenty inmates escaped so there were only nine inmates arrested in all. This adventure brought to the attention of the Teen Oracles and Brawlers that upgrades must be made to forcefields to prevent them from being broken into.

  • Corruption

A few days before the battle happened Jet had unintentionally created an energy gun and his clone shocked to see it planned to destroy it but was startled by an intruding Yellow Stripe and shot the Yellow Stripe with a bullet from the gun. When the clone took the Yellow Stripe to Psi Prison, the Yellow Stripe changed his appearance to match that of the clone. The energy reading from the bullet confused the Psi Prison warden. Unable to figure out who was who both the clone and the Yellow Stripe were imprisoned in Psi Prison and a new Jet Black clone was created for the HQ.

Kid Flash creates a new dimension and requests that Jet send a clone to go check it out, Jet decides to use the PTU machine to make a clone to watch the HQ while the other clone is gone. The PTU machine releases an abnormally large clone however with distorted features and increased strength. Jet battles and arrests this odd corrupted clone. Apparently the Yellow Stripe who broke in gave the PTU machine a virus that made clones created by the machine unstable and under their control. Jet and his clones begin to believe that there is a possibility that the Yellow Stripes could now be able to create corrupt clones like this at their HQ.

The Virus is moved into a secure file on the PTU control to where it couldn't interfere with the clone making process (the virus at the time could not be removed). The Dimension City Brawlers, Jet's clone, and a squad of Kid Flash clones go to a Yellow Stripes independent base (An all Yellow Stripes base with no Red Stripes, much smaller than a Red Stripes base). The Yellow Stripes corrupt Jet's clone and the Kid Flash clones forcing the Dimension City Brawlers to fight them. The clones are destroyed by the Brawlers and are then recombined by Energy Sorcerer (a member of the Brawlers). After defeating the clones they acquired a special disk from the Yellow Stripes that could stop the corruption and then the small number of Yellow Stripes on the base were arrested.

The PTU machine has had the virus removed thanks to the disk, and the clones after being recombined are back to normal. It is still unknown whether or not the Yellow Stripes obtained any information from the clones while they were corrupted.

  • Attack of the Kidflashes

Kid Flash sends a clone to set up a psi ball on a Red Stripes base that will connect the base to all the other bases, allowing us to eliminate all the Red Stripe bases in one fatal attack. Kid Flash and Slenderkid go to the base and begin shooting powerful blasts at the base. Jet Black alerts Kid Flash warning him not to destroy the psi ball because it would un-link the bases and to destroy the base in one large attack eliminating the chance of un-linking the bases accidentially. Kid Flash summons a large number of clones which act as a barrier from attacking Red Stripes to form a giant attack that would in one strike destroy the linked bases. Jet's clone using the Holochamber room plays a simulation of these events, the simulation which is programmed to be slightly ahead of time allows Jet's clone to give instructions on how to avoid Red Stripes attacks before they even occur. Once the blast is done and the base is destroyed destroying all bases Jet's clone suddenly sees the Yellow Stripes appear in the simulation and corrupt all of Kid Flashes clones. Jet quickly warns Kid Flash of this, and Kid Flash and Slenderkid return to Earth. Jet's clone gets out of the holochamber and flies out into space with the Dimension City Brawlers to battle the corrupted Kid Flash clones. Thanks to the sorcery of Energy Sorcerer and Jet's clone the corrupted Kid Flash clones were destroyed. Sadly the combined power of the two sorcerers accidentially destroyed all Kid Flash clones all over the universe. Luckily because of Kid Flash's unlimited energy he was able to recreate all of his clones in a matter of seconds. The corrupted clones were recreated as well as the others but the corrupted clones no longer were controlled by the Yellow Stripes but were still deformed and strong. These Special Kid Flash clones are like gentle giants.

  • Corruption 2

Jet's Clone using the Holochamber simulation learns that the Yellow Stripes have an army of corrupted clones of Kid Flash and Jet Black (and anyother clones in the PTU). Jet's Clone goes to the Yellow Stripes base to try and blow up their armory by setting off an explosive chain reaction. Jet while making it through the hall of the Yellow Stripes base is attacked by several Yellow Stripes and corrupted clones, once they realized Jet was making his way to the armory they locked him inside the armory and launched it into space. Meanwhile Kid Flash who was talking with Jet Black himself sends clones to the base in order to blow it up by having a large number of clones shoot a super blast at the base. Jet's clone using a ki sword cuts his way out of the armory and attempts to fly out of the blast radius of the clone's attack. Yellow Stripes pour from the base and attempt to block me so that the clones' attack obliterates me. Meanwhile Kid Flash has a clone setting up a psi ball so that all the Yellow Stripes bases are destroyed at once. Jet creates an energy burst freeing me from the crowd of Yellow Stripes and fly toward Earth. Jet shoots an energy beam to keep the psi ball in place and the Jet back on Earth tells Kid Flash that he needs to tell his clones to fire now. Kid Flash's clones fire a massive energy ball that destroys the Yellow Stripes base and slightly injures Jet as he did not get out of the blast radius in time. After the explosion a Kid Flash clone finds a clone corruption chip and links it using a psi ball, he then destroys the chip, destroying all the corruption chips at once. Earlier that same day the cure chip for stopping the corruption chip was destroyed in order to prevent its being used to create new corruption chips. Now that all Yellow Stripes bases have been destroyed as well as all corruption chips, The Teen Oracles no longer have to worry about having their clones corrupted any time soon.

  • Elemental Sorcerer Tournament

Jet Black's goal is to become the most powerful psychic in the multiverse, recently he has taken up atlantean ice sorcery and his been highly successful, in order to train his abilities he entered the Elemental Sorcerer Tournament held by the most powerful elementals in the multiverse. Jet on his first attempt at the tournament failed in his first round, after his failure he formulated a new stradegy and re-entered the tournament in another universe where the tournament was being held. In Jet's second attempt he won the gold medal and special power stones earned by completing all seven rounds. Round 1: Fire Round 2: Earth Round 3: Air Round 4: Water Round 5: Ice Round 6: Air, Fire, and Electrical Jet because he lost the tournament the first time is in debt to the most powerful elementals in the universe and has to do missions for them. The power stones Jet won limit his Ice sorcery ability astrally but increases them in the physical world. Jet can use the power stones to contact the sorcerers he encountered in the tournament to help aid him. These same sorcerers are also in debt to the Mega Elementals and they together are the Mega Elemental Task Force. Jet after this adventure also adapted an alternate suit and name, Swift, for use in the Mega Elemental Task Force.

  • Battle against The Ultimates

After the holochamber predicted The Ultimates would attack, Jet's clone dawns his Swift suit and summons the Mega Elemental Task Force to combat The Ultimates. The Ultimates and the METF battle at the Elemental Sorcerer Tournament arena and it becomes quickly apparent that The Ultimates are too much for them. Swift contacts Kid Flash who sends a Mega Clone (A clone made up of the energy of billions of clones) who assists the METF in defeating a majority of The Ultimates. Swift wanting a challenge decides to take on his alternate self but because of his astral self having been weakened by the power stones he was no match for his alternate's sorcery. Swift noticing that the alternate Kid Flash in the Ultimates was super fast realizes that Kid Flash could send a clone that could beat the speed of his alternate and defeat him. Swift tells Kid Flash and Kid Flash projects there and not only moved faster than the Alternate Jet but was more powerful and practically kills the alternate by using a special rasengan blast. Swift takes the defeated Ultimates to an alternate psi prison of which he did not know existed. Suddenly while talking with Kid Flash about the mission he realises that the alternate Psi Prison is the work of Bullet, the Yellow Stripe Jet shot with an astral gun made up of his energy had escaped Psi Prison and had created a false Psi Prison. Now Bullet is out there somewhere with The Ultimates. Most likely The Ultimates are now a part of the Yellow Stripes if they themselves have not taken it over. Bullet and Jet have a mental connection but Jet is unable to track Bullet thanks to hallucinations created by Bullet that prevent Jet from knowing exactly what is real and what isn't when he attempts to peer through the eyes of Bullet. Kid Flash later that night tracked and killed Bullet, and arrested The Ultimates. It is believed that the alternate Jet is in Psi Prison, but because of damage caused by Bullet's hallucinations, Jet can never truly be sure.

  • The End of Bullet

Jet after the Battle against The Ultimates could not sleep do to damage caused by Bullet's hallucinations. Jet exomentally projects into his subconcious to attempt to solve the problem, Jet soon realizes that Bullet had placed a mental anomally into Jet's mind for the purpose of manifesting into a new astral body for Bullet. Jet transforms into Booster Rocket (his exomental projection transformation) in order to combat Bullet's attempt at making a new astral self. Sadly Booster Rocket was also vunerable to Bullet's hallucinations and was tormented by them for hours until Bullet fully formed and projected out of Jet's mind. Jet astrally projects after him and impales him with a ki sword. Before Bullet dies he states that Jet has broken his moral code and that Bullet had been successful in breaking him. Jet then quickly replies that Bullet is already dead and that he is just getting rid of what is left, and swiftly removes the sword, after which Bullet was finally strucken down. Jet later learns that each of his clones had gone through the same situation that same night, each having to destroy what was left of Bullet.

  • The Arresting of the Ministry

Kid Flash heard about the Ministry of Darkness and decided to arrest them. He immediately used speXXXXXXXXX, projected to their locatuion, stuck some stuff (specifically, his signature secret technique) in their Dantians, and tossed them into the Psi Prison. They are currently locked up in separate cells.

  • Pact Leader's Master Plan

A criminal hiding within Dimension City known as Pact Leader is a master astral projector, he has been researching the Teen Oracles and believed he could create a device to destroy the force fields that protected Psi Prison and the HQ. Jet using the holochamber predicted Pact leader's plan and tracked down Pact leader. This sadly was all apart of Pact Leader's plan as he then vaporized Jet's clone and absorbed it, allowing him to edit HQ computer files. Jet however defeats Pact Leader by distracting him by giving him hallucinations through their mental link and having his other clone lock him up in Psi Prison, once he was locked up, Jet's energy was removed from him, and the future was once again safe.

  • Mr. Meta vs. Cult Master 1

Mr.Meta went against Cult Master and lost. as he ran awy he got shot. But after ten days his regeneration healed it.

  • Boss vs. Boss

Ultrakid decides to project and spar with Superman (See JLM in the allies section for info on how this is even possible) to prove his power. Kid Flash asks and Superman says yes. They then duel, Ultrakid using his super speed in his full power form to dodge Superman's laser beams and firing his signature technique, a Rasengan. Ultrakid won the battle, but remember it was just a friendly spar.

  • Meet the Teen Titans

After the Teen Titans learned about our existence Robin had Raven project them to our HQ where Jet made sure that the security didn't attack them by callibrating the computer with information stored from their communicators. Balder, Ultra Kid, and Jet Black chilled with the Titans at the HQ. Robin and Jet sparred together in the simulator. Kid Flash played tag with Beast boy and Cyborg. Balder and Raven chilled out together.

  • Batman Incorporated Rises

Jet visits Batman in the JLM universe and learns that Batman incorporated has not yet been formed. Jet tells Batman about Batman incorporated and the two work together to recruit members of batman incorporated around the JLM world. This not only was the creation of Batman incorporated but also the beginning of the Teen Oracles working with Batman. The Teen Oracles are official members of Batman Incorporated, are able to access unrestricted Batcomputer files, and can call assistance from Batman incorporated in the case of an emergency.

-Important Events that happened during this adventure

Jet got to visit the Batcave

Batman Incorporated was formed

Jet and Damian Wayne fought

The Teen Oracles became members and allies with Batman Incorporated

-Important facts about the JLM universe learned during this adventure

Jason Todd is dead

Dick Grayson leads the Teen Titans

Tim Drake leads Young Justice which in this universe is a secret group

Damaian Wayne is the current Robin

Talia al Ghul and Batman are openly together

Everyone associated with Batman is being hunted by the League of Assasins

In this universe Gotham has not yet suffered from Earthquakes and Arkham City has not yet been built.

Damian Wayne is very competitive when it comes to being around other teenagers.

  • The Quest for The Sword of The Elements

I,Oblivion, in a recent dream has discovered the secret world that is called Sprotatia it's the second closest dimension to our universe I was in the dimension Vallsalka it is the easiest to get to, anyways, I was summomed by Tarlok and Sartace, Time and Space, they want me to find the Sword of The Elements and Defeat there brother Sarlok, who turned on them and Tricked them into fighting eachother while they were fighting he took over learned every element and when they finnaly stopped fighting with there combined powers defeated Sorlok, and regained power they banished him, and he's made his way around he just got back, his last visit here was tragic he reincarnated as Adolf Hitler, and to shed, he commited suicied and recently reached his previous home and now they expect me with the help of the 5 Guardians to find the Sword of The Elements and defeat him with it, cause I'm the only one that can wield it

  • Forging Alliances 1

Jet goes to Oa home planet of the Green lanterns in order to ask if they can become allies to the Teen Oracles. Jet notices in the JLM universe Oa is located somewhere behind Saturn, within Earth's solar system. When Jet is arrives he is stopped by green lanterns and escorted to have council with the Guardians of Oa. The Guardians inform Jet that Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) had already put in a good word for the Teen Oracles and bestowed Jet with a green lantern lantern. When members of the Teen Oracles say the green lantern oath into the lantern they receive an astral ring that bestows them green lantern abilities astrally and the ability to communicate with Oa. Jet later is contacted by the guardians and goes through a lesson in basic ring training from the Guardians themselves. After this training session the Guardians tell Jet that they will contact the Teen Oracles in times of crisis and for training lessons such as the one Jet experienced. Jet drops off the Green Lantern latern at the HQ and travels to Atlantis to seek council with King Arthur (Aquaman). When jet reaches the dome of Atlantis he is stopped by Aquaman who in this universe is much older, possibly thousands of years old thanks to Atlantean magic. Jet and Aquaman talk for awhile, Aquaman believes Hellfire could have been a past Aqualad (a rebellious Jason Todd kind of Aqualad). Aquaman is unsure whether or not the Teen Oracles are ready to fight alongside Atlantean warriors. Jet to prove the teams worth assists Aquaman in stopping a giant squid attack and helps arrest Aquaman's nemesis Black Manta. Aquaman seeing Jet's bravery ask if all of the Teen oracles were so courageous. Jet assures him that this is true and Aquaman declares the Teen Oracles allies to the Atlantean Warriors. Jet because of his astral projection swimming such depths into Atlantis has suffered back pain and exhaustion, only through astral energy body construct layering has Jet been able to relieve back pain caused by this adventure.

  • Forging Alliances 2

Ultrakid decides to go to the Naruto universe and see if they would be allies. He projects and asks Naruto if that would be okay. Naruto says yes and Ultrakid teaches him how to project by first pulling him out of his body and then giving a quick explanation. He then returns. Then he comes back, teaches Naruto how to enter Psi World, and acquires some of his chakra, allowing for communications with Naruto.

  • Forging Alliances 3

Swift visited a universe where Spiderman and SHIELD exist. Spiderman and Swift are captured by Electro who is believed to have been working for Chameleon. Spiderman and Swift defeat Electro. Swift trains his astral abilities in the SHIELD Helicarrier. A red lantern attacks the SHIELD Hellicarrier. Spiderman and Swift defeat him, and Swift arrests him and locks him in Psi Prison.

  • Building Bonds

Swift visits a future version of the JLM universe. He runs into Terry Mcginnis who in this universe is Damaian Wayne's grandson and not a clone of Bruce Wayne. I meet the future Bruce Wayne who allows me to create a construct version of his Bat Jet (The Batwing). Terry, Bruce, and Swift go to the present day JLM universe by using the boom tubes in the batcave. Together Swift along with the Bat family of the past and present have breakfast. Swift learns that Dick Grayson is going by Robin while in the Teen Titans and is Nightwing when he does solo missions. Old Bruce Wayne and Swift have batarang practice and Swift fixes Old Bruce Wayne's bad back. Damaian and Swift hang out and begin to become good friends. Swift heads to Oa and does his second astral ring training lesson, this time with Kilowog. Swift after finishing the lesson heads to the Spiderman/SHIELD universe to hang out with Spiderman (who he feels he has much more in common with than he originally thought) . Shield scientists give Swift a special device they created that allows Swift to use his astral ring and create more powerful constructs while using less ring energy. Spiderman and Swift stop Sandman from attacking the city and Spiderman takes Sandman to a new prison for super criminals developed my J. Jonah Jameson.

  • Ninjas at Daybreak

Swift was preparing cereal when he noticed a member of the League of assassins trying to poison his food. Swift using his astral ring to stop the assassin before it is too late. Later that day in the school gym before they turn on the lights Swift was attacked by assassins and was cut by a blade during the battle. The blade pierced Swift's astral energy and was laced with the odd green poison they tried to put in his cereal. Jet's clones quickly arrest the defeated assassins and try to use the blades to create an antedote (a chamber containing the antedote is inside to HQ). Swift for the rest of the day even with the antedote experiences hallucinations of Ra's al ghul and the League of Assassins for 6 hours before eventually the antedote kicked in.

  • Forging Alliances 4

Swift helps form an alliance with the Fantastic Four in the universe where Spiderman and SHIELD exists. Swift while he is there helps assist Spiderman in defeating an invading army of Hydra robots. Swift while astral traveling through universes meets Guy Gardner (A famous Green Lantern of Earth). During this adventure Swift was having problems staying focus due to constant mental connection with clones and in this adventure has decided to give his clones more freedom in order to reduce mental stress during adventures, greatly improving his performance for the rest of the day, Swift realizing that his mental connection had thrown his focus off in more ways than just combat.

  • Adventures in Universe JLM 2 Part 1

Swift while playing DCUO realizes that there must be a universe where the plot of DCUO is life. Swift travels to such a universe and collects special nanites that grant abilities from that Earth's atmosphere and stores them in a special chamber in Psi World (Please do not confuse with the chamber containing poison antedote). By analyzing the nanites and editing them by using his astral ring Swift was able to customize his nanites to where they gifted him the customization he desired. Swift then traveled back to the universe where he was then bottled by one of Braniac's ships. Swift soon realized that things that were hard in the game were simple in real life and simple things in the game were much harder. Fighting enemies seemed more challenging then in the game as well as using control pannels which were more complicated then expected. Swift is able to destroy the Brainiac ship with the help of Superman. After this adventure Swift's clone who had recieved the nanites overshadowed Swift's body and gave Swift some of the collected nanites in order to augment his Atlantean ice abilities. This JLM universe is called JLM 2.

  • Swift vs. Sinestro

Sinestro using yellow energy corrupted the Green Lantern lantern in psi world with yellow fear energy. Swift tries to arrest Sinestro but Sinestro gets away by creating a clone of himself. Swift using power in his astral ring repairs damage caused by Sinestro to the lantern and recharges. Swift's clone in Dimension City lives by two identities in order to live peacefully in Dimension City without constant fighting. While in his civilian identity he is ambushed by Sinestro. Swift using his new nanite augmentation from JLM 2 releases a frost burst that allows him to successfully arrest Sinestro. The battle revealed Swift's building he was staying in to the public and for the time being he must live in the Dimension City Brawler's newly constructed floating base. Not only has this made Swift's clone have to live in poorer living arrangements but it has also made his clone loose his double identity. Swift has connected his communicator from universe JLM 2 to the Psiworld HQ computer. Allowing members to receive missions from Oracle and Wonderwoman of Universe JLM 2.

  • The Ring is the Key

JetBlackRLSH and XSCENEx have a chat on Weirdcommunity Wikia. Scene tells JetBlackRLSH that a group known as the Illuminati is after a Rod of Maya which could bestow power that is more powerful than any psi ability. In order to get the rod however they need the help of Tarek in order to open the wall the rod is behind. However Tarek cannot open the wall without a special ring in possession of the latest member of the Towae family, a fourteen year old girl named Jennifer who lives in Germany. Scene alerts Jet that the girl's life is now in peril over her possession of the ring. Jet using his astral ring creates a special clone to find Jennifer and protect her from harm. Later Ultrakid gets on chat and JetBlackRLSH reacts to the news by sending a massive number of clones to help protect Jennifer along side JetBlackRLSH's clone. Ultrakid gets the idea of sending clone to protect the wall the Rod is trapped behind, both Ultrakid and JetBlackRLSH do so in order to insure the Rod's protected.

  • The Death of the Empire

Ultrakid is assigned by Jet to go to a Star Wars universe, make an alliance with the Rebels, and defeat the Empire. He does so using his brand new Rinnegan and Byakugan to combat the Empire. He wins and recruits the Rebels.

  • Kingdom Hearts Chronicles With Oblivion

Day 1: I am recording this journal starting now I will only record important things unfortunatley I forgot to record this before I entered Castle Oblivion leaving the only things in my journal Thank You, Naminè so I will continue recording daily what I remember

  • Cool Day

Swift was at school when he AP'd into a dimension that contained panels that allowed you to examine our world from within the dimension, Swift was surprized by this find and a few days later AP'd back to this world. On his second visit he decides to try and fuse with some of the panels in order to try and give himself the ability to analyze information in our world. Swift however instead gains cryokinesis, Swift could already use abilities similar to the ones he was granted by the panel fusion, only now he doesn't have to use sorcery in order to use them. Swift's new abilities allow him to charge his ice abilities as well as use frost breath by focusing on his dan-tien, shoot a frost ray by flaring his fingers and focusing on his palm, and create ice constructs by focusing on both of his palms. For days Swift was offline practicing his new ice abilities. Also during this time Nite Owl and Swift got back together, however in an open relationship (both of them are dating but are allowed to date others at the same time).

  • The Best Gear Part 1

Jet, Thunderfist, and Cross talk about the best gear from the multiverse that could be gathered. Jet goes to a Ben 10 universe and takes an omnitrix out of the forest and makes astral copies that he puts in Psi World. These astral omnitrixes allow for you to astrally transform into aliens. You not only transform astrally but you also can feel there abilities and effects physically. Jet then afterwards goes to another universe where Ben gets the omnitrix and gives him a communicator for him to keep contact with us via the Psi World Super Computer. Keep in mind it is ten year old Ben. We can communicate with all wielders of the omnitrix via the Omnitrixes in Psi World.

  • The Best Gear Part 2

Cross and his apprentice visit a universe where Power Rangers exist and are given morphers, Cross creates astral copies of the morphers for the Teen Oracles. Cross and his apprentice have received special morphers that will allow for them to transform into special Power Rangers. The morphers we recieved allow us to communicate with the Power Rangers universe.

  • Jet vs. Eon

Jet sends out a message to every Omnitrix wielder, when Eon recieves this message he travels to Dimension City and begins destroying the city. Jet battles Eon but Eon's number of omnitrixes outmatches Jet and Jet is almost defeated. Jet quickly decides to become Clock Work which allows him to freeze time and deactivate Eon's Omnitrixes. After that Jet locks Eon in Psi Prison and returns to Psi World where he meets all the different versions of Ben Tennyson who arrived after receiving Jet's message.

  • Training with the Omnitrix/ Jet vs. Ultimate Kevin

Jet decides to train with another Ben Tennyson with more experience in order to learn how to use the omnitrix better. Jet first had to combat a group of echo echos without using his omnitrix, things were at first going well until Jet used his omnitrix's self destruct pulse to get a pile of echo echo off of him. The pulse doesn't destroy his omnitrix but Jet realizes he doesn't know how to cut it off. His mentor quickly assists him in deactivating the omnitrix's self destruct. Jet apologizes about his decision when they both hear a huge boom, outside the building where they are training Ultimate Kevin Eleven has escaped the Null Void. Together Jet and his mentor try to fight off Ultimate Kevin. Jet being too distracted by chat tries to use a combo of echo echo and fourarms to do his fighting for him, but Kevin easily defeats Jet. Jet regains his standing after being hit into the ground and forced out of both of his transformations (Jet having two omnitrixes). Jet becomes Way Big and Water Hazard and blasts a huge water blast at Ultimate Kevin which almost floods the city (luckily a crater drains the water) and then transforms into Diamond head and falls a large distance and punches Ultimate Kevin in the face practically killing him. Jet becomes Ghost Freak and over-shadows Ultimate Kevin and kick starts his heart. Jet's mentor arrests Ultimate Kevin and arrests him taking him back to the null void. Jet then feels bad about his actions and goes to follow his mentor.

  • Training with the Omnitrix Part 2/ Attack of the Brain Creatures

When Jet catches up with his mentor they are both attacked by odd brain creatures, Jet transforms into a random alien that makes the creature leap off of him due to the release of energy from the omnitrix. Jet then gets really close to his mentor and once again activates self destruct mode in order to send out an energy pulse to destroy the brain creatures. Part of Jet's mentor's headquarters is destroyed and his mentor looses the ability to become XLR8. In the distance Jet sees XLR8 running away. Jet and his mentor follow XLR8 by becoming Jet Ray, but they loose track of him. After this point Jet looses connection with his astral self and there is a black out period where he doesn't seem to remember anything. Jet back on Earth feels odd about this sudden black out and tries to use astral energy to try and regain connection. Jet suddenly regains connection with his astral self and becomes four arms smashing out of a glass container he is trapped inside. Once he walks out he realizes that his mentor and himself had been captured by the DNAliens, who in this universe never attacked when Ben Tennyson was younger. Jet becomes Stink Fly using his second omnitrix grabs his mentor and flies him out of the DNAliens head quarters and back to the head quarters of his mentor which is partially destroyed due to earlier. Jet frees his mentor from his chamber which he just carried to the HQ and removes his brain creature from his face. Jet alerts Ultrakid that there are DNAliens in the universe he is in, Ultrakid quickly sends clones to the universe where Jet is in order to destroy all the DNAlien bases and ships. Jet alerts his mentor on what is happening and then travels back to Psi World to gather intel on the DNAliens in case Ultrakid needed it. Ultrakid using a psi ball fuses all the DNAlien ships and bases together and destroys them using his special technique. Jet and Ultrakid are then given medals from Ben Tennyson for their assistance in the defeat of the DNAliens and both of them are awarded honorary plumbers.

  • New Power????

Cross went QJ the other night. His vision was blurry at first but when it became clear he noticed he was on an expiriment table with people in suits above him. He awoke and broke out of the table and twisted his hands then a small pillar like energy appeared in between his hands he twisted it and threw it. It grew to massive size and obliterated the suited men. Cross is now currently training on developing this new found technique and making it stronger.

  • Swift vs. Animo

Swift contacts his clone in Psi World when his clone receives a message on his omnitrix. Dr.Animo in a robotic gorilla battle suit was attacking a science facility on another Earth. Swift's clone uses its omnitrix to become Water-Hazard and travels to the universe where Animo is attacking. Animo in his suit was climbing along the top of the science facility. Swift flies down and notices that Animo had a green crystal in his chest. Using his new electrokinetic abilities Swift fires a water jet from his hands and adds a small electric charge to it. The charge when mixed with the water jet became violent and caused Dr. Animo's suit to short circuit and knocked the crystal out of place. Animo tries to escape but is then also shot by Swift's electrified water jet and falls stunned on the building's rooftop. The authorities arrest Animo, and Swift learns that the crystal Animo was trying to steal could evolve genetic structures through contact with cells. The crystal Animo was trying to steal was destroyed during the battle, but there are others on that world that are scattered across their planet.

  • Nature Channeling

I was in Pennsylvainia in the deep woods like i usally am, when I saw a stump of a dead tree that was about 8 feet tall. Looking at it i could see then energy in it. So i hung around it for a while just to try to learn more about it. After that near by was a stream . It was weird because I have never seen it before. My hands were a little dirty so i washed my hands in it. My body shook a liitle when i was done which always happens when im in nature. There was a big rock nearby and i went to go sit on it. I was just sitting there and i got bored so i decied to make a psi ball. My body shook again and i kept focusing on my psi ball and with in a few seconds it was visable. Also since then all my powers had gotten stronger and I think i may have channeled nature some how.

  • Chaos on the Round Table

Swift travels to a universe where King Arthur was still around. Swift creates a suit of knight armor to wear and begins fighting knights on the top of a random castle using his energy abilities. King Arthur comes to the top of the castle and Swift apologizes for his rushed attack against the Knights of the Round Table. King Arthur forgives Swift but only if he will help them defeat the enemy kingdoms that neighbored them. Swift does this, traveling between kingdoms, leaving three fallen castles in his wake in the name of King Arthur. The Knights of the Round Table are pleased and Swift gives them an orb to allow for communication with PsiWorld. Swift then leaves this universe with the Knights of the Round Table as our allies.

  • Rat Glow Team

Swift recently gaining energy blast abilities remembers a story he wrote when he was a child about a character who could shoot energy blasts named Glow Boy. Swift travels to a universe where his story exists. Swift visits the HQ of the superhero team that exists in this universe that is led by Glow boy. Security activates when Swift walks up to the HQ entrance and Swift is captured by power inhibiting nets. The Rat Glow Team, arrives at their HQ entrance and questions Swift. Swift explains why he is there and the team removes the power inhibiting nets. Glow Boy asks Swift if he can inform them on information that could be helpful to them, since Swift already knows how the history goes. Swift begins to tell of future events when he soon learns that the universe he is currently in is far different from his story. In his story the dragon stone grants Mystery Kid vast new dragon powers, Worlock and Vinetress combine into one entity, Dream Girl is kidnapped in order to power Nightmare Boy, and these events lead to the creation of the Rat Glow Team. In this universe however Nightmare Boy is powered by the Dragon Stone, Worlock and Vinetress are seperated, and Dream Girl was never kidnapped, yet the Rat Glow Team still exists. Swift asks if Worlock currently was attacking and Glow Boy informs him that Worlock was causing earthquakes in the city. Swift and Glowboy go investigate and find themselves ambushed by Worlock's bat minions. Swift and Glowboy combat the bat minions until the ground beneath their feet breaks way and the two fall into the Nightmare Dimension. Swift and Glowboy in the Nightmare dimension see that Worlock and Vinetress actually have become Vinelock just like Swift's story. The two work together to try and fight Vinelock but Vinelock's regenerative ability makes it impossible to defeat. Swift realizes that whatever combined the two villains into Vinelock must have also been what gave Nightmare Boy the dragon stone. Swift then realizes that if they can get Dream Girl and Mystery Kid together in the Nightmare Dimension, Dream Girl could power Mystery Kid with enough Dragon Energy to allow him to defeat Nightmare Boy and collapse the Nightmare Dimension. Glowboy tries to contact the Rat Glow Team but is unable to do to static caused by the Nightmare Dimension, Glowboy and Swift shoot light beacons into the air in order to summon the Rat Glow Team to the Nightmare Dimension. Swift instructs everyone on what to do and his plan is put into action. Mystery Kid defeats Nightmare Boy with the help of Dream Girl (who in this universe is merged with Cat Girl another member of the team), Swift keeps Vinelock from escaping the collapsing Nightmare Dimension with an Energy Beam and he is almost trapped in the Nightmare Dimension himself. Swift is freed from the Nightmare Dimension by Super Joe and Super Bob, and the others are freed by Dream Cat Girl and Portal Master. Swift after the teams victory joins them at their HQ for pizza and leaves them with a special orb to help them contact Psi World. (I know this doesn't make much sense because of all the references to my childhood story, I'll create a page about them to help explain all of this.)

  • Ultrakid vs Jabba

Ultrakid uses the holoprojector and discovers that the next threat is Jabba the Hutt. He contacts Swift, and he tells him to investigate. Ultrakid kicks Jabba's ass. Afterward, he reflects on the fight, and realizes that Jabba was probably learning psionics, because he was able to fire an energy blast. Ultrakid contacts Swift, and Swift tells him to take out his league of bounty hunters. Ultrakid does so, and the adventure was over. Or so he thought. However, he hadn't arrested Jabba, he had just fought him. He then arrested Jabba, and the adventure was truely over.

  • The Demon Unicorns

Swift discovers that the latest threat is demonic unicorns attacking Dimension City. Swift informs Ultrakid, who then goes to Dimension City to fight them off. Ultrakid becomes a combination of Way Big, Benwolf, Big Chill, Buzzshock, and Heatblast. He then kicks their asses and sets up a Rasengan cannon to be used in emergiencies by The Teen Oracles. The adventure was over.

  • Swift and Damian Team up 1

Swift and Damian go to save Galvan from colliding with Galvan B. Swift transforms into Waybig to hold Galvan B in place and put it back into proper orbit. Swift heads to Galvan B to check the damages from him holding it in his hands. Swift becomes Diamond Head and Damian follows him to Galvan B. Swift realizes the damages he has caused has made many of the population into Malwares. Swift stops the Malwares from infecting the entire moon, and creates a new moon Galvan C out of crystal. Here the Malwares can exist in peace, sadly they are forbidden to visit Galvan B or interact with any uninfected Galvanic Mecamorphs. The Galvan Moons and Galvan are being helped out by the plumbers at this time for reconstruction.

  • The New Omnitrixs

Ultrakid decides to go to Azmuth to ask for a new Omnitrix. He comes in and shows Azmuth his honorary plumber badge and his Omnitrixs. Azmuth agrees, and Ultrakid brings the Omnitrix to the HQ, sets up the Omnitrix to self replicate, and puts them in the HQ.

  • Reptillian Invasion

Swift using his new Energy Shell travels to a feline universe and stops a disturbance between them and the felines. Swift then soon learns that the reptillians have gotten technology that can penetrate lava rasangean fields from the feline black market and are planning an invasion on DC. Swift quickly appears above DC using his new Energy Shell and releases a hand blast powerful enough to wipe out the entire invasion force. Swift was then struck by the lava rasangean field that was deployed to combat the invasion, unrecognized due to the sensors being overloaded by the invasion forces, Swift then plummits down crashing into DC. Saved only by his Energy Shell from certain death. (DC in this entry stands for Dimension City)

  • Animal Control

Jet has been noticing around him home odd grasshoppers with spiky armored shells similar to that of cockroaches. Jet has lived in the same city his entire life and has had many adventures in the local forests but had never seen grasshoppers of this species. After doing research on radiation's effect on humans, Jet realizes that these new grasshoppers could be byproducts ionized radiation. A week later Jet has developed the new Energy Shell Transformation technique which increases his telepathy ability. When testing his ability in an attempt to summon an army of bugs causes his parakete to fly toward him and a small spider to approach him on the floor. This teaches Jet that his telepathy ability works, however it is not species specific, and only works on a short range. Jet's parakete has recently been ill due to moths getting into its food, the moths are gone but his bird's body mass has significantly decreased. Jet decides to make an Energy Shell Transformation for his parakete and before his eyes his parakete's body mass increases. Jet then realizes that he can not only summon animals to him telepathically but use Energy Shells to evolve them and make them stronger.

  • The Speedster Fail

Ultrakid discovers that there is a speedster in Dimension City. He decides to cut to the chase. He grabs the speedster, throws him through a shop window into a Psi Prison portal, and locks him up.

  • Wolf Pack/White World Trance/Animal RLSHing

Jet and Ghost while sparring began to loose control snarling at one another, Ghost lost much of his self control, grew fangs, and his pupils dialated. Jet snarled but had more control over his actions than Ghost, however he was much weaker. Ghost could have easily killed Jet if it wasn't for Ghost's returning to normal. Jet has been experimenting with a white world meditation, a meditation where you merge your mind with the world around you. Making your thoughts and the physical world one and the same and directly manipulating the physical world with your thoughts. With this technique Jet has moved objects without touching them, however it only moves them small almost unnoticeable distances. This meditation also causes Jet to fall asleep uncontrollably, which is troublesome at the least. Jet has also been studying Animal RLSHing and is planning on using Animal RLSHing if he can master it.

  • High Stakes and Spiritual Warfare

Jet after recently reporting a robbery has found little action in the physical world. Jet as of recent has been challenging evil spirits to battle. Jet's victories allow him to destroy the evil spirits plaguing the world, but if he were to loose, he would be possessed.

  • The Monster Hunter's Weapon

Ultrakid and Jet discovered that the next threat was that a monster would attack Dimension City on January 3rd, and the only weapon capable of killing him was being carried by a fugitive. They AP'd and Jet got the weapon, but the fugitive was growing troublesome. Therefore, Ultrakid shot the horse with a Ki blast, so the law men could catch up to him.  They then rigged the weapon with numerous upgrades. First, they copied 2. Then they added some Omnitrix DNA to it, causing it to shoot elemental energy of fire, water and electricity. They then used the Meta-Nanites from Generator Rex (look it up here if you don't know what that is), causing the weapon to have godlike power. Then they AP'd to when the monster was attacking, and shot him with blasts from their guns. One each. Then the adventure was over.

  • Ahriman's Weakening

After three months of fighting Ahriman's Xrafstars Jet and Ahura Mazda finally weaken Ahriman. On the final night of Jet's escapades in the astral plane invoking the power of Ahura Mazda, Jet destroys a crystal within Ahriman's domain, Duzakh, which inhibits Ahriman's ability to rapidly create Xrafstars. Now that Ahriman has lost his crystal, Ahura Mazda has Ahriman under control and has lit up the dark void of Duzakh with his light. Ahriman's darkness still spreads, but no longer as a serious threat to humanity.

  • Sewer Serpent

The holoprojector warns Ultrakid and Jet of a giant serpent wandering Dimension City. Ultrakid travels to the sewers where he encounters the serpent sleeping. Jet request that the serpent's DNA be used for the Omnitrixes in Psi World so Ultrakid captures the serpent in a Captchalogue card he obtained while traveling in a Homestuck universe and from the card retrieves the DNA which is now inside the omnitrixes at Psi world.

  • Volcanic Invasion

The holoprojector warns Ultrakid and Jet of rising temperatures in the ocean around Dimension City. Jet wearing a suit made of Green Lantern energy to protect him from the heat of the ocean and allow him to breath travels towards the bottom of the ocean where he encounters Volcanic Beings. These Volcanic Beings were opening rips in the ocean floor allowing them to enter Dimension City. The Volcanic Beings attack Jet who defeats one of them. Meanwhile above the water's surface Ultrakid using his omnitrixes becomes Artiguana/Water Hazard and travels down below the surface. Jet heads to Psi Prison where he imprisons the Volcanic Being he defeated. Ultrakid accidently goes too far and kills the remaining Volcanic Beings who emerged from the rip. He then closes the rips using his Special Form's sword which can control the elements and creates an energy seal to prevent new rips from appearing on the Ocean's floor.

  • Evil Tamed

Jet using Advance Evolution Animal Manipulation realizes that astral beings are even more vulnerable to this ability than physical animals are. Using this ability Jet takes control of a majority of vile spirits around the planet. Afterwards Jet traveled to an astral dimension where he confronted an evil far greater than anything he had previously faced. Jet had many of the astral beings he took control of form an orb of energy made of their own bodies to keep the evil contained and sealed off the evil's astral dimension. Sadly a small bit of the evil Jet calls the Black Smoke seeps in and out of the sealed dimension, to prevent this from being a problem it is trapped in an energy orb in Psi World. Research of the sample in Psi Prison suggest that the Nightmares are essentially small manifestations of Black Smoke. Nightmares are not very powerful even in large groups but potentially can form together to form miniature Black Smoke clones when commanded to do so by Black Smoke himself. Jet to stop an army of Nightmares invading Psi World formed energy shells and astral seals around all the normal portal entrances, closed all the irregulated portal entrances, defeated the the Black Smoke clones using an Energy Shell Transformation with powerful electrokinetic ability, and finally the Nightmare forces dwindled low enough to the point Psi World technological defenses could defend against the invading Nightmares.

  • Teen Galactic Federation

Jet astral travels to the HQ of the Galactic Federation to see if the Teen Oracles could help assist them in removing extraterrestrials who interfere with with the evolution of humans. The Galactic Federation was at first highly against our involvement due to the fact some members of the Teen Oracles are Almagams. Jet explained to them that because we have some members who are Almagams we can be of more assistance than if we did not. The Galactic Federation agreed and allowed the Teen Oracles entry to the Galactic Federation. There is now a psi ball in Psi World that works as a communication device between the Teen Oracles and the Galactic Federation.

  • Astral Strained

Jet volunteers to help the Galactic Federation capture a reptillian criminal in Agartha. Jet captures the criminal and brings him to Psi-Prison where Jet asks him why he chooses to shape-shift into the form of an atlantian. The reptillian claims he has an atlantian past that he can't remember. Jet sees that the reptillian is a teenager simply trying to find his way, but Jet knows that there is nothing he can do for him. Galactic Federation officers arrive in Psi-Prison and take the reptillian back to their Holo-Prison. Jet follows them to their Holo-Prison and begins feeling astral strain from traveling so far in such a small amount of time. The officers ask Jet why he doesn't use the Psi-World Holo-Chamber as a prison, and Jet replies by stating that the Holo-Chamber could be too easily hacked to be used as a prison. The officers tell Jet that hacks like that happen all the time at their Holo-Prison however the hackers only release specific inmates because it is harder for them to be captured, due to their Holo-Prison's security being made for massive break outs and not small stealthy escapes. Jet stops two prisoners who escaped due to a hack using 12 creature abilities and the officers are impressed by his skill yet skeptical of the abilities of an 'almagam'. Jet is called by the Blue Stripes to help out with a giant monster attack somewhere out in the multiverse. Jet travels there and again suffers astral strain, this time worse than before. Jet defeats the monster but is blinded by acid. Using a visor construct Jet attempts to repair his vision. Using the telepathic link to the Holo-Chamber Jet uses holographic maps to travel back to Psi World. Astral strain at this point makes Jet feel like he is being torn apart and his blurred vision only makes him feel worse. Jet decides to seek guidance and training from Daredevil in another universe. Jet trains with Daredevil and slowly learns to control astral strain. Within half an hour on the physical plane Jet trains for weeks with Daredevil in the alternate universe before returning home.

Top 10 Adventures of all time[]

Ki Tank[]

Kid Flash has developed a flying astral tank that can drive on its own and can also be controlled from the inside controls. It can shoot different forms of ki blasts from the two barrels on the top and can be driven anywhere you can astral project. The tank has the capacity to hold more than twenty members. The purpouse of the tank is to be able to go on a mission with multiple members and ride together on the way without having to project together to a place. It is epsecially helpful when not everyone know where to go, one person can drive it to the destination and take everyone with them. The tank is able to be set to go to a specific location with the use of thoughts alone.

Global Phenomenon Network[]

Kid Flash is sending clones all over to place mana powered constructs to monitor for psionic activity, cryptids, and demons. The information from the constructs update the super computer in the HQ, and updates all of Kid Flash's clones that are apart of the GPN taskforce. There are currently 500,000,001,000 GPN taskforce clones who investigate activity picked up by the GPN. JetBlackRLSH has by using information from the Super Computer in Psi World programmed the constructs around the globe to recognize members of the Teen Oracles as well as made the devices caple of broadcasting the astral energy of everything picked up by the GPN into Dimension City.

Dimension City[]

A dimension created by JetBlackRLSH, within the dimension is an entire city inhabited by dimensional entities. Dimension City recieves the astral energy of everything picked up by the GPN creating energy dopplegangers that are linked to the actual person on Earth. If a psion or dimensional entity commits a crime on Earth the same crime is being commited by their energy doppleganger in Dimension City. This allows Teen Oracle members to fight crime all over the globe without having to astral project long distances. Dimension City has a jail that has a portal connecting it to Psi Prison allowing for arrests in Dimension City to easily be done. Dimension City has every psychic crime occuring in the world in one easy to get to location, allowing for crime fighting to easily and quickly be done. A Teen Oracles HQ is located in Dimension City that contains a portal to Psi World. Dimension City should allow Teen Oracle members to fight global crime in one place. The dimensional entities that inhabit Dimension City are not only energy dopplegangers of psions and dimensional entities on Earth but also dimensional entities that Jet Black himself funnels. On the creation of Dimension City Jet sent the dimensional entities who's energy he funnels to inhabit the city.

Current Threats[]

  • There are beings from other universes known as Collectors that are using technology from other dimensions that break our laws of physics to take over other universes, they need to be stopped.
  • Ancient Demons nothing like what has ever been known, The 7, are a dark force on the rise causing Chaos who are said to be immune to magick and can't even be defeated by UES.
  • King X is opening portals throughout the multiverse in an attempt to rip apart space into nothingness and appears to be unstoppable.

  • The Pact are still growing and committing crimes throughout Dimension City

  • Cult Master

  • The League of Assassins are hunting all of us and attempting to poison us

  • Sorlack is still killing and conquering universes

  • The Red Lanterns are hunting us down

  • The Illuminati is trying to kill us

Team Music[]

The team as well as its members have themes that they like to associate with themselves and the team as a whole. This section will be dedicated to themes for seperate members as well as themes for the whole team.

  • Team Themes

  • Member Themes

Jet Black RLSH Theme:

Swift Victory Theme:

Ultrakid Theme:

Oblivion Themes:

Vegetas Themes:

Shadowmentor's Themes:

News Bulletins[]

This section is dedicated to recent news concerning important events currently going on. Posts in this section are to be titled and dated.

  • We could be being hunted 9/23/12

Light User and Shadow have informed JetBlackRLSH that the Illuminati are hunting all psions, this is currently unconfirmed but for percaution the following should be taken into account.

1. Everyone should know anything that is this important because it effects all psions

2. The Illuminati know about all of us already so everyone should keep their guard up

3. Everyone should continue their training and not panic

  • The Rod of Maya Situation 10/4/12

" Tarek got the rod of the maya, but the girl is still alive.

Also, the illuminati found out that tarek was betraying them and killed him, but well tarek didn't got killed.

I think this should be updated in the teen oracles section. "


  • DIB? 10/6/12

Tarek is trying to cross dimensions based on information gathered from main chat. His reasons for this are unknown. Hatzusteng one of Tarek's allies is working on crossing dimensions, experimenting with the technique. We don't know exactly what they mean by crossing dimensions, but we don't want them to create any massive rifts in our world. Everyone train and prepare for any dimensional leaks caused by Hatzusteng's experiments, and be ready to close a massive portal if need be.

  • Heroes network 10/19/12

Jet has been emailing with the President on the Heroes Network (a group of RLSH worldwide connected via the internet), Tothian, and he says that they were looking for a new team of psychic RLSH. If we are added to the Heroes Network, we'll no longer be a little league RLSH team. The Heroes Network is on par with the UJLA if not higher. We would be the official psychic RLSH team globally. So in other words, this is a BIG DEAL.

UPDATE (10/21/12)

The Teen Oracles are now apart of the Heroes network and are the official global Paranormal RLSH team.

  • Ahriman is on lock down

Ahriman is currently in Ahura Mazda's custody in Duzakh, not in Psi Prison. Xrafstars are now no longer considered real threats to Earth and it is not necessary for us to continue battling them.

  • Burning Bridges 3/27/14

The Heroes Network and The Guardians have broken ties with the Teen Oracles. The Heroes Alliance would like the Teen Oracles to ally with them now that the Heroes Network forum has gone through several changes. The Guardians skeptical of the Teen Oracle's Quantum Jumping escapades through alternate universes have cut all ties with the Teen Oracles. All other alliances still appear to be intact.

Heroes Network Team Positions[]

Team leader and at least one assistant leader are mandatory (or at least highly recommended) for teams on the Heroes Network. So these are the leader and assistant leader assignments for the team.

  • Jet Black RLSH: Leader

  • Ultrakid: Assistant Leader

  • Hellfire: Assistant Leader

The Heroes Network is no longer allied with the Teen Oracles, however positions still apply to the Teen Oracles new alliance with the Heroes Alliance.



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Team Contact Info[]

Team Email:

Team Youtube Channel: