Before you practice your kinetic (i.e.,telekinesis, pyrokinesis, sono, umbra, geo, cryo, photo, etc.), it helps if you open the Third Eye. This is an ability that all are born with. Heres how to do it, for those who don't know how.

Opening the Third Eye allows psionic energy that comes straight from the mind to flow to the object, it helps you blend your energy with it. Close your eyes, lay or sit in a meditative state. Breathe for a minute or so, deep breath in through the nose, hold for a couple of seconds, and let it all out through the mouth. Do this until you feel relaxed, but don't do it for so long that you feel light-headed. Place the index and middle fingers on your forehead. Open your eyes and blink three times. Take a pause, breath, still with the fingers in the same spot. Blink three more times. Close your eyes again, only this time, after your long breath, visualize an eye appearing on your forehead, where your fingers are. Open your eyes, take the breath, and then feel the eye opening, and blinking with you. When you do feel it, close your eyes, and try to look only with your third eye. if you see two colors at one time than two things might ensue. You should see in a few of these colors: Blue:you are going to have a good year and you will have much luck. Yellow:you will feel enlightened and have many good ideas. Black: Means that you will be experiencing death(family or friend) Red: A fight will ensue Purple: All is well bless this place and leave before you corrupt it. After you have opened the Third Eye, close it and disperse your energy until you need it for your kinetic. if it hurts to use the third eye, than you should try to MASTER the use of psionics.