Fireball 1 by skulpt-d3dgxeo

Hello all,

Here are a few ways to apply thermal energy (heat).

Thermo Ball

In the same manner as a ki ball, put your hands close together, cupped in a roughly spherical shape.

Now, instead of funneling ki down there, look closely at the air in between your hands. Stretch out

with your senses, and see the individual atoms. Force them to move faster and faster. This generates

incredible heat.

Now, funnel the heat into a ball, and add energy. This increases the potency of the ball.

Do with it as you will.

Thermo Blast:

Warning: There is no way to make a "practice" version of this tech. It is incredibly damaging to skin

and other soft tissues.

Construct a thermo ball. Pack the heat in more and more.
It will become hot enough to sear your hands. Now, move it over to one hand. Concentrate it into a

thin line.
Throw it at your target as hard as you can.

Thermo Wave:

This is a bit harder.
In essence, this is a large-scale blast.
Same as the blast, but build up the energy in front of you. This takes a great deal of concentration.
Build up the wall of heat, adding more and more energy to it.
Release the field when you deem it necessary. The effect is quite spectacular.

Remotely Heating Objects

Envision the individual molecule around something rubbing together, and heating up, simple as that.

This takes practice, but its quite useful, say, if your microwave oven stops working, or someone

attempts to attack you-just make the air around their head become extremely hot.