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The world is not normal, it took me a few years to figure this out, but its true. The world is filled with psychics, magic users, magical creatures, portals to other planes, super heroes, and time travelers. This wiki is a community focused on the "New Normal", the world around us that is unbelievable to some, but everyday to others. We aren't just here to talk about abilities, we are here to explore the world as it is in all its weirdness.

We aren't Weird, this is the "New Normal".

We are always looking for new members to help edit pages and learn more about the world around us.

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  • Astral Projection /Other Dimensions (Adventures in Other Dimensions, about Other Dimensions, the Creatures of Other Dimensions)
  • RLSH (Real Life Superheroes)
  • Magic
  • Psychic Abilities
  • Other Universes
  • Mystical Creatures
  • Life in the Paranormal

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